Russian agent Marina Butina no longer pro-gun?

(AP Photo/Pavel Ptitsin, File)

Russian Marina Butina came to the United States to supposedly build a pro-gun organization modeled on the National Rifle Association. She became closely aligned with the pro-gun movement here in the United States and apparently spoke at a number of gatherings.


Which delighted the media when they found out that she was actually a Russian agent.

Now back in her native Russia, any lingering doubts about her sentiments regarding gun ownership should now be put to rest. You see, it was all an act.

A Russian agent who infiltrated the National Rifle Association says Ukraine should not hand out weapons to its citizens in case a child gets hurt.

Maria Butina condemned the embattled country’s leadership for dishing out more than 18,000 guns to civilian volunteers in an effort to drive back Russian invaders.

But that is apparently not acceptable for the convicted spy, who told Russian state media TV show Vremya Pokazhet on Saturday that “people don’t know how to handle them and a child might be killed at home”.

Now, that doesn’t sound like a true-believer pro-gun person, now does it?

See, Butina was never really pro-gun. She didn’t believe in the right to keep and bear arms. It was a means to an end. She was a spy determined to worm her way close to various officials and hopefully influence policy to benefit the Russians.


If there was any lingering doubt about it, the above quote should completely quell it.

Well, that and Butina going to work immediately for state-owned television bashing opponents of the Kremlin. Frankly, that was more than enough for me.

Yet there have been a handful of people who thought she was merely targeted because she was pro-gun. I’d actually love to believe that. However, there are ways to criticize Ukraine’s decision to arm its population without going down that particular path.

Rather than sounding like Ted Nugent, she’s parroting Shannon Watts.

The only consistent thing about this is that she’s disagreeing with OccupyDemocrats. That’s the extent of any intellectual consistency on her part.

Now, I get that Russia isn’t exactly the free speech capital of the world or anything and that her job is to criticize Ukraine, but if she had any pro-gun sentiment, it’s likely she’d have taken another tact. She could have called it conscription. She could have called it state-support for terrorism. She could have said any number of things.


Sure, they’d all be total BS, but it would have made clear she still harbored some pro-gun sentiment.

However, Butina never actually had any. She was exactly what she’s been purported to be, a Russian agent who tried to get close to officials using the gun rights movement as a cover. Frankly, it’s absolutely disgusting to me, though I can’t say that I’m surprised.

For some, Butina’s actions were somehow evidence that the Kremlin and the American right were aligned, but these comments should show that to be the lie that it is.

The Russians don’t care about the American right or the American left. All they care about is pulling the United States down so Russia can be a world power once again, and Butina was one of the tools they used.

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