Democrats fail to shove gun control down Florida's throat

Democrats fail to shove gun control down Florida's throat
AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

A lot of people have long thought of Florida as a pro-gun state. In truth, it’s not awful when it comes to gun rights, but it also leaves a lot to be desired. They’ve got a long way to go before they’ll really be among the true pro-gun elite.

However, there are those in the state who want to take a giant step backward. They want to make it less pro-gun, and they hoped to make ground on that this legislative session.

I hope they’re prepared for disappointment.

On Sunday gun-control advocates from the group Moms Demand Action held protests in 10 cities to, well, demand action on Florida gun control.

Rebecca Darnell, a rep of the MDA’s Gainesville chapter, expressed her frustration that the National Rifle Association’s leaders refuse to get behind “any” new gun laws.

“I think they’re so focused on not wanting any gun laws that they don’t want to entertain any idea that there would be any gun safety laws,” Darnell told the Independent Alligator, the University of Florida’s campus newspaper.

Honestly, Darnell’s comment makes absolutely no sense, especially considering that when anyone from Moms Demand Action–which sounds like an adult film channel, not gonna lie–says “gun safety laws,” they actually mean the very gun control regulations the NRA opposes.

So yeah, they’re going to oppose those laws. Her getting frustrated over that makes about as much sense as me getting frustrated that Moms Demand Action won’t support constitutional carry. Of course they won’t support it, it’s antithetical to everything they stand for.

After all, I’m more frustrated that they exist than by any of their actions, but that’s neither here nor there. Moving on…

As it turns out, gun owners in Florida can be grateful that Republicans in the Legislature don’t want any new gun laws either.

Florida Politics reported on Wednesday that 11 gun-control bills filed by Democrats failed without even receiving a committee hearing.

“With committee meetings concluded except for special meetings permitted by chamber leadership, the bills are officially dead in the water,” Florida Politics noted.

It’s kind of beautiful, isn’t it?

Look, we all know that gun control groups don’t want to do anything more than restrict our right to keep and bear arms. They want to make self-defense more difficult if not outright impossible. So yeah, I’m going to feel more than a little giddy when they fail.

They actually thought they’d turn Florida blue.

Unfortunately, the state has a lot of issues still to resolve. It’s questionable whether or not constitutional carry will pass, as an example. It needs to–especially considering how stupid some of their laws actually are. For example, open carry is completely forbidden. Gun rights activists carry on their hips with a specially made sock covering the gun as a way to draw attention to the stupidity.

I’m not a fan of open carry, mind you, but I do believe in the right to open carry. The state of Florida, however, doesn’t, and that’s an issue.

Still, at least the state isn’t going in the wrong direction; and considering the way the last few years have been, that’s saying something.

Maybe if they actually repeal some of the post-Parkland laws, that would be a good start.