Fenix Ammunition makes donation to fight antisemitism

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Antisemitism is one of those things, like any form of racism, that has no place in our world. At this point in history, we should recognize that superficial differences are kind of irrelevant and what really matters is what’s in one’s heart.


In other words, we should unite behind a hatred of communists, as any decent people would.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world. We live in this one.

In this one, we’ve seen a number of Jews targeted for violence because they were Jews. Some are trying to address that, and Fenix Ammunition just did something very cool to help.

Many of you reading this know that I created a brand called The Pew Pew Jew.  The focus behind my brand is to educate Americans on their Second Amendment rights (including children) but with a focus on Jewish firearms ownership.  The country has seen an uptick in antisemitic attacks from murders and beatings in New York to hostage situations in Texas, to more attacks in California.  Many Jews now have the urge to begin their journey into the world of firearms.  Be it, ownership, training, or just being comfortable around firearms.

Now, in conjunction with Black Tie Guns and C.A.C. Tactical, both Jewish owned FFLs in Texas, a series of firearms training events are scheduled to educate those Jews who are ready to take up their personal defense. We all know ammo is expensive and for a group of 15-20 people shooting, the cost could be high.  That is why I want to publicly thank Fenix Ammunition.

Fenix Ammunition has stepped up to help battle antisemitism and has become an ammo sponsor to the first batch of training events.  With Fenix Ammunition’s generous sponsorship, we were able to keep the event free of charge to those Jews who wished to attend as well as those in the future.


That’s a lot of ammo, and considering how much ammunition is going for in this day and age, that’s a generous donation.

Fenix Ammunition is partially known for its bombastic tweets that pull absolutely zero punches, sometimes even against those in the gun community.

However, the truth is that they really do seem to believe in the Second Amendment and are doing what they can to promote it, particularly among a population that has been specifically targeted by some of the worst in society.

Antisemitism is real, unfortunately, and some of these animals want to hurt Jewish people simply because they’re Jewish. That means Jews would do well to arm themselves, learn how to use their firearms effectively, and prepare for the worst.

Much respect to Yehuda Remer, the Pew Pew Jew himself, and to Fenix Ammunition for taking some real, tangible steps to end violent antisemitism by making Jews bad targets for such people.

Seriously, a few of these bigots end up shot for their troubles and their like-minded brethren will think twice about targeting the Jewish community anymore.


The same goes for any minority that feels they may be targeted by those who dislike them for simply being who they are. If you’re worried about any so-called hate crime, then you might as well prepare to defend yourself from it.

Good on Fenix Ammunition for stepping up.

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