Joy Behar illustrates why her opinions on guns are trash

Paul Sakuma

The View is one of those programs that I suspect few of our readers actually watch. Having tried to sit through an episode, I don’t blame anyone. Joy Behar’s voice alone was enough to turn me off forever.

However, a person having an unpleasant voice doesn’t necessarily mean they shouldn’t be listened to. After all, most of us can’t control how we sound. What we can do, though, is make sure we are capable of knowing what we’re talking about.

Unfortunately for Behar, she blew that too.

“The View” co-host Joy Behar voiced concern about the impact a decision in a major gun rights case before the Supreme Court could have on New York.

But her comments included wrong terminology and details about the case.

During a segment of the show on Wednesday, Behar said, “The Supreme Court is poised to pass a bill contradicting the New York City, state laws.”

However, there were a few issues with Behar’s comments in that 30-second video.

The Supreme Court does not pass bills nor create new laws.

Instead, it settles disputes about the constitutionality of laws.

Exactly. This is really middle school civics stuff at this point, things reinforced during high school as well and, for someone who is supposed to be in tune with current affairs like Behar, reinforced every couple of years via the media.

For Behar to get something so basic wrong…

Yet, in the process, Behar has made something very clear. Her opinions are garbage simply because she doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about.

We knew this because her takes on guns and gun rights are usually, and hilariously wrong. It’s a topic she doesn’t understand. However, in that regard, there’s nothing differentiating her from any of the other talking heads out there.

Yet to get such a fundamental fact of how our government works so egregiously wrong should raise questions as to whether her opinions on anything warrant attention from anyone.

Understand, she has a right to her opinions. She has a right to voice them. If The View wishes to air them, they can do that. I’m not about to say otherwise.

But what I will say is that no American should take her opinions as anything more than the ramblings of an idiot, even if they ostensibly agree about the issue at hand.

If someone doesn’t seem to grasp that the Supreme Court doesn’t consider bills, that it decides the constitutionality of laws, should their opinions be treated as particularly serious? I mean, Shannon Watts and David Hogg have some stupid takes, but they at least seem to grok this.

Of course, Behar also got the details of the case wrong, claiming that the Court wanted to make New York an “open carry” state when that’s not even up for discussion. It’s really about whether the state can deny someone a permit for a subjective reason. Nothing more, nothing less.

While it’s possible SCOTUS might find that the permitting system itself is a problem, few people really see that as a serious possibility. “Open carry” hasn’t even been a thing in this whole discussion.

At the end of the day, we see that while she and Whoopi Goldberg are both supposedly comedians on the panel, the biggest joke sitting there is Behar herself.

Her lack of understanding of how the government works may ultimately explain why she’s so willing to strip rights from ordinary Americans because of the actions of a relatively small handful of people. Anyone so ignorant, though, shouldn’t be seriously listened to.

My biggest regret, though, is that we all know that people will still do precisely that.