More than a "Trace" of anti-gun bias in LA Times's latest attack on NRA

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Recently, a writer with the anti-gun organization The Trace wrote a piece for the Los Angeles Times claiming groups like the NRA were knowingly making gun violence research more difficult.


The piece itself was idiotic, just to be clear. Gun registries are a huge problem for many in the gun rights community in and of themselves. Any benefit they might have toward research is irrelevant because of far broader and more terrifying issues.

Yet they wrote the story and it made the rounds with the media.

However, over at Ammoland, Dave Workman points out something very interesting and worth talking about. He notes just who all “partners” with The Trace.

The story, authored by Will Van Sant, is actually a piece published simultaneously by The Trace—the non-profit journal “devoted to gun-related news in the United States” that was “established in 2015 with seed money from the largest gun control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety.” Everytown was bankrolled by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, former New York City mayor and failed presidential candidate.

Van Sant is identified as a writer at The Trace.

Many gun rights advocates are alarmed that The Trace—according to Wikipedia— partners with other national and local media organizations, including The Atlantic,  SlateLenny, The Daily NewsViceThe GuardianTampa Bay TimesNewsweekThe Huffington PostTIME, FusionThe UndefeatedPolitico MagazineEssenceThe Chicago Sun-Times, and The New Yorker.

Would any of those media organizations ever “partner” with AmmoLand News,, Liberty Park Press, Conservative Firing Line or The American Rifleman?


Or–*ahem*–Bearing Arms? Nothing like hoping for a little validation and coming up short. Story of my life.

Seriously, it’s a fair question, but we all know the answer, and that is the problem.

See, I don’t care that The Trace is biased. I actually appreciate that they wear their bias on their sleeves. We all know that when we see a piece from The Trace, it’s going to be coming from an anti-Second Amendment angle.

But most of these other publications, with a few exceptions, pretend to be unbiased media sources. They supposedly present a neutral viewpoint.

They don’t.

They partner with The Trace–an openly biased source for “journalism”–then pretend that there’s no bias in their own reporting? If they partnered with the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation, or other pro-gun organizations as well, I might be able to buy that.

When they don’t, though, we know the truth.

Of course, for most of our readers, the idea of the mainstream media being biased isn’t surprising in the least. We’ve seen it over and over again.


What’s more, we’re going to keep seeing it until these media outlets are taken to task for the blatantly biased reporting they routinely embrace by partnering with a heavily biased organization without any real effort to provide an alternate viewpoint.

Like the man on the TV show said, “My days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.”

I feel that with the media, The Trace, and the whole rest of the gang in ever fiber of my being.

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