Op-ed calls out Biden's desire for ineffectual gun control

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President Joe Biden has never really been a friend to gun owners. On top of his ongoing support for gun control, it’s also the source of some of the worst tactical advice we’ve ever heard. I can’t be sure if he was trying to give bad advice or whether he’s just that clueless.


With him, it really could go either way.

In the wake of Buffalo, though, Biden is once again pushing gun control.

As an op-ed in the Washington Examiner notes, it won’t work.

Biden used the shooting in Buffalo, New York, to call for an assault weapons ban. This is one of Biden’s go-to proposals on gun control, even though handguns, not so-called “assault weapons,” are responsible for the vast majority of homicides. An assault weapons ban would do nothing to prevent the shooter from using handguns instead, as is the case in every other shooting Biden has used this stale talking point on.

In fact, an assault weapons ban didn’t prevent the Buffalo shooter from using an assault weapon. Because “assault weapon” is a political label imposed by politicians based on the cosmetic features of firearms, the restrictions from such a ban are arbitrary and can be easily circumvented. The Buffalo shooter did exactly that, taking a rifle that was compliant with New York’s assault weapon restrictions and altering it by removing the fixed 10-round magazine. This allowed the gun to use detachable magazines, in violation of the state’s law.


Writer Zachary Faria went on to note the failure of New York’s red flag law as well; this despite the fact that he’d threatened to shoot up his school a year previously.

I mean, he all but screamed mass shooter, and yet all of those laws accomplished nothing.

So what does Biden want?

Well, for one thing, he wants to be seen as trying to “do something.” In the wake of anything traumatic, there’s a tendency for people to demand politicians “do something” so it won’t happen again. The laws that come out of such things rarely produce any real results, but they let politicians pretend they accomplished some good.

With the midterms coming up, it’s imperative that Biden appear to be working to solve problems, such as this shooting.

As it stands, the Democrats are looking at being destroyed in November. They’re desperate to try and hold onto the majorities they have, even if they’re not enough to actually do anything. In truth, they’d like to expand their control of the Senate enough that it’ll be filibuster-proof. That’s just not going to happen.


Instead, they’re likely to be decimated–and I almost mean that in the literal, actual definition of the term.

So, they have to make sure their base thinks they’re working hard at stuff like gun control. They also think that most people actually want these kinds of laws.

Biden is pushing this in a desperate attempt to stave off the coming red wave.

The thing is, I doubt it’s going to work. A lot of people recognize that New York’s gun control laws failed and that things aren’t as cut and dried as Biden would like them to think.

Plus, frankly, with inflation like it is, I doubt anyone is going to worry all that much about gun control.

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