Democrats are selective in which shootings matter

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Before I get started, let me make it clear that I know there are some pro-gun Democrats. I don’t think there are any left in Congress these days, but among the voters, there are. In what follows, I’m not talking about them and they should be excluded from this.


However, for the rest, which happens to be something like 90 percent-plus of all Democrats, this all applies.

What applies, you ask?

How about the fact that while anti-gun Democrats will scream to high heaven about a Uvalde or a Buffalo, they only seem to care about certain tragedies. Why is that?

Because only certain tragedies help advance their agenda:

Democrats are silent after more than 30 people lost their lives this weekend to violent crime waves that continually sweep through the nation’s cities.

Why hasn’t President Joe Biden, who recently visited Uvalde, Texas, after 19 children and two adults died in a school shooting, tweeted something or planned trips to NebraskaIllinoisOklahomaTennessee, and Pennsylvania, where violence and shootings took the lives of dozens of people including children? Why hasn’t Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke executed another political stunt at a local press conference somewhere to call attention to a rise in domestic altercations that escalate into shootings? Mostly because none of the violence was politically advantageous for them.

The violence that took the lives of dozens of Americans over Memorial Day weekend either did not involve firearms such as AR-15s, which the left has openly admitted they want to confiscate, or occurred under the wrong conditions for grandstanding. Democrats pick and choose which tragedies to milk for their anti-gun agenda based on how much political leverage firearm-related deaths grant them.


It’s not wrong, folks.

Think about how many people die every weekend in gun-controlled Chicago. The numbers tend to be staggering, and we hear relatively little in the mainstream national media about that. Why don’t we? Because it not only fails to advance their anti-gun agenda, it actually undermines it.

Illinois has many of the measures Democrats have pushed for at the federal level, and none of it has seemed to do a damn thing.

While officials are quick to blame other states for their problems, the truth is that gun control simply doesn’t work.

So what happens is that Democrats become selective in their outrage. They lash out when it’s convenient and stick their heads in the sand when the incident isn’t.

Think about how quickly Sacramento dropped from the headlines. A couple of criminals who had guns illegally, one of which had a full-auto switch which is even more illegal. Everything about it proved that criminals will keep getting guns no matter what you do.

It was a big story before we knew it was one of gun control failing. Now, Democrats and their allies in the media like to pretend it never happened.


But Buffalo and Uvalde? Those aren’t going anywhere because they get to demonize the AR-15.

See, all tragedies are awful, but for anti-gun Democrats, it’s only awful enough to talk about when it advances the narrative.

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