NY business groups demand assault weapon ban

NY business groups demand assault weapon ban
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New York has tons of gun control laws, but absolutely none of them did anything to prevent the deadly mass shooting in a Buffalo grocery store.

That’s because, despite the claims of many, gun control doesn’t actually solve the problem of mass shootings.


Unfortunately, that’s not the message many people are getting.

Last week, a group of CEOs demanded gun control. This week, we’ve got New York business groups doing the same.

Just hours before New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed into law a package of 10 bills that tightened the state’s gun regulations, and while word was circulating on Capitol Hill that some sort of limited bipartisan action on gun control appeared possible, five business groups from around New York state were issuing a call for Congress to reinstate a ban on assault weapons. The move came in the wake of the growing number of mass shooting events in the U.S. in which assault weapons such as the AR-15 have been used.

During a virtual news conference on June 6, representatives of The Business Council of Westchester, Business Council of New York State, Buffalo Niagara Partnership, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce made it clear that they feel there are no more excuses for not restricting civilian access to assault weapons, designed as weapons of war.

“The tragic, brutal and senseless shootings that we have witnessed over the last two weeks must be a final wakeup call that new federal legislation has to be adopted to finally address the glaring holes in the criminal justice system,” said John Ravitz, executive vice president and COO of The Business Council of Westchester. “Real solutions are necessary to prevent the horrific tragedies that this country continues to face.”

Ravitz said that it is important for the business community statewide to stand together in the wake of the carnage the country has been experiencing.


Actually, it’s more important that the business community learn to stay in their lane.

Let’s remember that these people have no relevant expertise on mass shootings. They don’t know anything about firearms, necessarily. They represent business groups–and I suspect at least some of the business owners who are part of those groups are going to take issue with this position. They need to be focused on matters of business.

Gun control isn’t.

Especially since, as we’ve noted previously, New York already had such a ban and it did precisely nothing to stop the shooting.

Additionally, as we’ve also noted previously, so-called assault weapons aren’t “weapons of war.” No one in their right mind would arm their troops with such firearms if there was any way to avoid it. They’d be outgunned by literally every military in the world, to say nothing of every third-world militia out there.

However, this is the world we live in. Everyone thinks they’re an expert on the subject of guns and gun control, especially people who know nothing about guns.


NY business leaders have no special knowledge or understanding, but the media had to report their support for gun control as if it actually matters.

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