The trouble with compromising over gun control

The trouble with compromising over gun control
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A bipartisan group of senators has agreed, at least in principle, to a deal on gun control. They intend to saddle us with anti-gun measures. Now, as I’ve said before, it could be worse.


However, “it could be worse” is a far cry from “good.”

Some are applauding the spirit of compromise that led to this deal. They’re hopeful this will lead to more “progress” on the issue of guns. However, some think this is the wrong time to compromise over guns or anything else.

This past week, a group of ten Republican senators, led by Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, met with the ten Democrat senators, led by Sen. Chris Murphy, in a bipartisan committee to write new federal gun control legislation. According to The Independent, “the legislation will include an expansion of background checks for people under age 21 to include a search of juvenile justice registries, as well as a federal grant program that will encourage states to pass red flag laws, which allow family members or law enforcement to petition courts to temporarily restrict certain persons from owning firearms.”

While Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is hailing this as a great example of compromise and placating the “do something!” crowd, this is rather a shameless concession that will make Americans less safe, less free, and less represented while emboldening today’s toxic Democrats to wreck the country even further.

The time for negotiation and “crossing the aisle” is over, and has been for a long time. Democrats have figured this out and continue to push their failed policies with impunity. Republican leadership continues to play political patty cake while their country goes up in flames. The American people are on their own right now. And it’s times like these where an individual’s freedoms matter most, particularly the freedom to defend oneself.


It’s a much longer piece and I can’t quote all of it for what I are hope are obvious reasons, but I agree in principle with everything said.

Focusing on guns as opposed to the broader political landscape, the problem with such compromises is that, for gun owners, there was no compromise.

Yes, Republicans are getting funding for mental health and beefed up school security–maybe–but what do we Second Amendment advocates get? Gun rights supporters are a key group the GOP relies on, and we got jack squat.

It’s not like we got over-the-counter suppressors in exchange for something like red flag laws. These compromises never really are.

What happens is that we lose a little less than the Democrats would prefer to take. That’s not a win. That’s not even a wash for us. It’s a slow-motion trip toward gun bans. Every slice out of the gun rights cake is yet another piece of our rights we’re giving up.

For there to actually be compromise, we should at least get something in return.

Frankly, we got sold out, in my opinion.

Couple that with the broader political landscape and you can see why “compromise” might not be the best strategy.

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