Amy Swearer: New Yorkers have nothing to fear

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Amy Swearer has spoken very passionately about the Second Amendment before Congress. I’m a bit of a fan, truth be told. We need people who can speak so eloquently about our right to keep and bear arms.


Now, Swearer is writing to New Yorkers, many of whom are now likely freaking out over the Bruen decision.

Dear New York residents with anti-gun tendencies,

I know you’re afraid.

The Supreme Court this week informed your state government that there is, indeed, a Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and that it does, in fact, protect a right of the people (not just “special” people) to bear arms in public for self-defense.

I know this news shocked many of you, since you’ve long-lived under a regime that routinely conflates lawful gun owners with criminals. Constitutional rights can be scary, especially when you don’t understand them or don’t particularly like them. Your state and local government officials have spent months preemptively warning you that this day would destroy all of their efforts to keep you safe, as though ordinary, law-abiding gun owners in New York were the real problem plaguing your streets.

But I promise you, it will be all right.

The sky will not fall.

Your world will not fall apart.

Obviously, there’s much more and I encourage you to go over and read the whole thing.

The truth is that Swearer is absolutely right. Many in New York are likely freaking out and terrified of what will happen now that the state cannot restrict who can get a concealed carry permit based on subjective criteria. They’re worried that there will be some massive surge forward in crime.

That’s because they’ve been lied to.

As Swearer notes in her letter to New Yorkers, concealed carry permit holders are about the most law-abiding people on the planet. They aren’t interested in risking their gun rights over stupidity. They don’t pull their guns at the slightest provocation and they don’t gun down anyone who looks suspicious.


They’re far more cautious than that.

However, people in New York and elsewhere have been lied to. They’ve been subjected to countless anti-gun pundits equating law-abiding citizens lawfully carrying firearms with armed criminals who have long carried regardless of the law.

The anti-gun media has routinely treated these two groups as essentially the same; as if we are out on the streets looking for an enemy to gun down in cold blood or to knock over a convenience store.

It’s more than insulting, though. It’s an outright fabrication that exists primarily to keep people afraid.

The truth is that New Yorkers have nothing to fear from lawful gun carriers. They never have and they never will.

The trouble is going to be to convince them that they don’t.

However, as of right now, it doesn’t matter that much. The decision has been reached and people are no longer required to become victims in the state of New York. Now they can obtain the means of defending themselves outside of their homes.

Now, they should calm down and prepare to see the truth.

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