Cornyn nixes idea of more gun control

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The bipartisan gun control deal reached by the Senate turned into law. For those who oppose the Second Amendment, that was huge. It was also a signal that maybe the time was coming when gun control was likely to pass a bit more often.


Already, some are calling for still more gun control, including President Joe Biden.

However, the GOP ringleader for those talks warns gun-grabbers not to get their hopes up.

Sen. John Cornyn (Texas), the lead Republican negotiator of a gun safety bill that President Biden signed into law last month, is shutting the door on additional negotiations on other proposals to limit the availability of assault weapons or expand background checks.

Cornyn, who has taken some fire from the right because of his role in negotiating the law, said he’s not going to engage in a new round of gun control talks in the wake of a mass shooting in Highland Park, Ill., on July 4.

“No, we’re done,” Cornyn said when asked whether Republicans would negotiate with Democrats on limiting access to assault-style rifles or other gun control reforms.

Cornyn made his statement after Biden renewed his call for an assault weapons ban during an event Monday at the White House.

But Cornyn on Tuesday poured cold water on hopes that Congress might pass additional gun control legislation this year.

“It seemed to me to be yesterday the president talked about everything that they wanted but they didn’t get in the bill,” he said. “But the sort of things he was calling for, don’t have support in the Senate or in the Congress on a bipartisan basis. In other words, they can’t get done.”

No, they really can’t.

Look, people need to understand is what the deal reached actually represents. It was the most gun control advocates could manage to swing. They started with much bigger asks, but what was in the final bill is all they could get any kind of agreement on, and let’s be clear here, it isn’t much considering the gun control debate in this country.


They’re not going to just magically get more simply because they’re asking very loudly for it.

To be clear, what Cornyn already agreed it was a bridge too far, and this is a big part of why it went too far. If you give up a single inch to anti-Second Amendment activists, they start demanding more and more and they expect you to give it up. After all, you already did once.

But, with that said, Cornyn is right. There’s no support for these measures in the Senate, not to enough of a degree they’ll actually pass.

The bipartisan deal is what Biden is going to get. He won’t get more no matter what he says at White House events.

Perhaps more importantly, even if he did, there are zero reasons to believe it would survive a legal challenge in the post-Bruen world we now happily find ourselves in.

But then again, gun control advocates can’t take the win and be content. That’s because the only win for them is the elimination of our right to keep and bear arms.

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