Alec Baldwin gets some very bad news

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Ever since the fatal shooting on the set of “Rust,” actor Alec Baldwin has maintained he did nothing wrong, that the gun basically just “went off.”


It’s been a massive topic of debate in the firearm community because, well, we know how rarely that kind of thing actually happens. It’s usually because someone had their booger hook on the bang switch and pulled, even if they didn’t mean to.

And it seems that with the style of gun Baldwin was carrying that day, it was theoretically possible for it to be an accident.

Unfortunately, the FBI just kind of shot that one down.

An FBI forensic report has reportedly concluded that the revolver that was used during the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the movie “Rust” could not have been fired without pulling the trigger.

The report comes in response to actor Alec Baldwin shooting Hutchins on the movie set after he claims that he believed he was handling a firearm that was not loaded with live ammunition.

The FBI report obtained by ABC News says that the .45 Colt revolver “could not be made to fire without a pull of the trigger” while in a quarter-cocked position, a half-cocked position, and a fully-cocked position.

In an ABC News interview late last year with George Stephanopoulos, Baldwin said that he pulled “the hammer as far back as I could without cocking” it and then he “let go of the hammer” and “bang, the gun goes off.”


The prosecutor in the case hasn’t taken anything off the table with regard to charges that may be filed, which means this could get sporty for the notoriously anti-gun actor.

So far, Baldwin doesn’t seem to have released a statement regarding the FBI’s findings, but there’s not much spin that can be conducted on this one, especially since this fits with how guns actually work in this day and age.


He pulled the trigger that day and killed an up-and-coming cinematographer who was just starting to make her mark in the industry.

However, much as we may enjoy a little schadenfreude at Baldwin’s expense, he’s not the only one who can be blamed right now. After all, Baldwin may have been stupid to trust industry rules that there weren’t to be any live rounds on the set, but someone else brought those rounds to work and put them in that gun.

My guess is that further investigation will reveal exactly who is responsible. Typically, that would be the armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, but an April report showed she wasn’t given adequate time or opportunity to actually do her job.

The truth is that Halyna Hutchins is dead because someone or several someones screwed up royally. One of those, however, appears to be Alec Baldwin, and no amount of screaming in the media about how he didn’t do anything changes that fact. He pointed a gun in Hutchins’s direction and pulled the trigger, even if he didn’t mean to harm her.

Remember, folks. Guns don’t kill people; people do. Hutchins’s death may not have been intentional, but it was definitely preventable.

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