Toronto police brag about confiscating hunk of rust

Canada is very down on handguns at the moment. For a city like Toronto, it’s inevitable that it would get ramped up to eleven. I mean, major cities are always more anti-gun than the rest of the country, and it’s not like Canada is particularly pro-gun as a nation.


But there comes a point in time when you’ve got to wonder if things are being taken too far.

For example, a Twitter account reportedly showing guns confiscated by Toronto police posted this on Monday:

Yes, really.

That’s not a firearm, it’s a gun-shaped hunk of rust. It’s not a ghost gun, it’s a mummy gun, for crying out loud.

What’s more, that piece of oxidation can’t even really be restored into a functioning firearm. At this point, it’s a paperweight at most. And that’s if you don’t mind rust stains on the paper.

And yet, the Toronto police are apparently proud of confiscating this piece of archeology from whoever had it.


Of course, while this was going viral on social media, Toronto police were dealing with all kinds of other things, like two armed carjackings.

What do you want to bet neither of these carjackings used Julius Ceaser’s daily carry piece here? Was this how Cain really killed Able? I mean, come on!


I get that Toronto police want to enforce gun laws there, but at some point, you’ve got to stop considering something a gun in the first place. Whatever it was before, now it’s a museum piece at best.

So where did it come from? Looking at that thing, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn someone found it while magnet fishing and turned it into the police so they wouldn’t get in trouble. Toronto police should have told whoever it was to keep it in that case because it wasn’t a gun anymore.

The fact that they not just took it from wherever, but also apparently posted it is…special.

Now, in fairness, this particular Twitter account claims to be an official account, but it’s not verified by Twitter, so it could be anyone posting anything. However, if it were a satire site or one seeking to mock Toronto police, it wouldn’t post pics like one with a Glock in good condition or others that are clearly usable as presented.

It could be a fake account, but it doesn’t look like it.

Which is really sad, because if this were just trolling, I could laugh this off.


Yet this is the kind of inane thing you see in gun control regimes. They don’t just target guns, but gun-shaped objects. It’s on par with New York’s jihad against toy guns. This is not a dangerous object, unless you consider all blunt instruments as dangerous objects.

However, Toronto police still took it off the streets, nonetheless. It’s just sad that a city would consider this thing a danger.

But then again, when you don’t trust the public, you can’t trust them with anything vaguely scary-looking, which is all gun control is really about.

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