Pennsylvania high school mistakenly gets shipment of guns

(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

The idea of guns in schools is a touchy subject. It’s bound to get people riled up on all sides of the issue, which is understandable. We’re talking about our kids.


On one hand, armed teachers or school resource officers may serve to keep the kids safe.

Then you have the possibility of some turd-blossom showing up with a desire to kill. Some think laws banning guns on campuses will somehow prevent that.

But what do you do when the guns just kind of…show up?

Students will be back on campus and roaming the halls in a matter of days, making a recent delivery to one Delaware County high school even more shocking.

Box of rifles were recently dropped at the doors of Chester High School. The delivery was made Friday, and locked inside the school over the weekend.

Police confirmed that there were six firearms inside the boxes, which were apparently meant for someone else and were misdelivered because of a typo.

Talk about an oops.

Of course, a lot of hay is being made about the fact that school is set to start at the school in just a few days, but I fail to see how that had anything to do with anything. Unless the delivery guy just hands packages to random students, there’s not really any risk of someone getting hurt.

Even then, it’s unlikely for there to be a problem.

But this one just struck me as funny. Here we are debating whether law-abiding teachers and school staff should be permitted to carry a gun if they so desire–a position many state leaders in Pennsylvania oppose, including Gov. Tom Wolf–and then a half dozen guns just get delivered to the school by mistake.


Absolutely brilliant.

However, I guess we should take it as a win that this was a good-faith mistake rather than a driver trying to steal guns.

Of course, we don’t know exactly what kind of guns were in the boxes beyond the term “rifle,” which could mean anything from a single-shot .22 to a .50 BMG Barrett. We just don’t know much beyond that, which is kind of a shame because this would be even more hilarious if it were the dreaded AR-15s.

Especially since nothing happened.

Unfortunately, this is kind of the problem with shipping guns. Anything can happen. However, I’m curious just how this one did.

After all, guns can only be sent to people with an FFL. The FFL info should be carefully entered.

This one could have gone differently. Imagine if this had shown up at the home of a convicted felon, one who liked to steal and sell guns? Especially if they’d been something we don’t want bad guys to get their hands on.

Luckily, all of this is for the sake of discussion and argument. None of that happened and the whole situation has been resolved, apparently. No one got hurt or is likely to get hurt.

But I sure wouldn’t have minded if guns were being shipped to schools on purpose, all to be used to protect our kids.

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