Gun control fails to stop Coney Island shooting

Coney Island is one of those places that I’m told you have to visit if you’re in New York City. I’ll take their word for it since my time in the Big Apple is limited and I don’t have any plans to visit in the future.


Yet even after the Bruen decision, the city and state of New York has a pile of gun control rules on the books.

Unsurprisingly, that didn’t stop a horrific shooting at Coney Island.

One man is dead, and 4 other people are injured after a shooting on the Coney Island boardwalk late on Saturday night.

The NYPD says the shooting took place just before midnight at Boardwalk and West 29th St. at Coney Island Beach.

Police sources told FOX 5 NY that they believe there may have been multiple shooters.

Nope. Can’t be. The police have to be wrong here. There’s just no way this could have happened.

After all, New York still has some of the toughest gun control laws on the books. Their latest round of laws arguably made them worse than they were pre-Bruen. Those are the same gun control laws we’re told we need everywhere else in order to stop things like this.

I mean, a guy could get the impression that gun control simply doesn’t work worth a flip at this rate.

By that, I mean that they’re not worth a flip.

Without knowing more, it’s safe to say that while some will classify this as a “mass shooting,” it’s more likely the result of someone trying to settle a grudge, either against a group of people or an individual, and others were caught in the middle of stuff.

It’s tragic, to say the least, but it’s also an illustration of the futility of gun control efforts. This is New York City. This is one of the most gun-controlled cities in the nation. If what we’ve been told about these laws is accurate, this shouldn’t happen in the city at all.


And yet, here we are.

However, just imagine how things might have been different had literally anyone else there been armed. What we might be talking about today is how an armed citizen put down a gunman or a couple of gunmen at Coney Island, protecting an untold number of lives.

Instead, five people are shot, one dead, and God only knows how many more were traumatized by what happened and that sense of powerlessness at seeing it unfold and being able to do nothing about it. What’s more, though, at least some of those people will look at how to carry a gun and see that their state and local governments want to keep them powerless in the face of naked brutality.

Meanwhile, those same gun control laws actually do nothing to prevent these kinds of attacks.

That’s because the issue with gun control isn’t that criminals break the law, it’s that it inhibits good people from protecting themselves which essentially empowers those criminals. That’s what happened here and what happens everywhere gun control is applied.

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