Two arrested for theft of congresswoman's guns

Two arrested for theft of congresswoman's guns
Rich Pedroncelli

Earlier this week, I wrote about how Rep. Karen Bass had her guns stolen. Now, she swears she had them properly and safely secured, but they were stolen anyway. For a noted anti-gunner, this is an interesting development.


Now, it seems two men have been arrested in relation to the theft.

Two men were arrested in connection with the theft of two firearms from the home of mayoral candidate Rep. Karen Bass in the Baldwin Vista section of Los Angeles, police announced Wednesday.

Patricio Munoz, 42, and Juan Espinoza, 24, were located in a suspect vehicle in the area of Hazeltine Avenue and Sylvan Street in Van Nuys on Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed.

Both men have been booked for residential burglary, though only Espinoza is being held without bond. Munoz is looking at $500,000 for bail.

Now, assuming the right men have been arrested, we might start getting some answers as to just what happened.

After all, there are questions about the gun theft.

For example, just how were these supposedly secured guns secured? Was it a gun safe or did Bass simply use the cable locks that come with newly purchased firearms? If so, then they weren’t properly and safely secured, now were they? After all, those cable locks are great for keeping curious young hands from doing anything with a gun, but they’re not theft deterrents. Anyone with a knowledge of tools can defeat one easily enough.

Further, why did these two break-in and just steal two handguns?

I mean, one would imagine that a congresswoman would have electronics, jewelry, and other goods that were easier to sell off, so why just the guns?

Not only that but did they know about the guns beforehand or did they just get lucky?


Honestly, there is a pile of questions left to answer and it seems unlikely that Bass is going to be forthcoming. She’s in campaign mode, which means no admitting mistakes if you can possibly avoid it. You may apologize for them once they’re known, but you cannot admit to them so long as you have some degree of deniability.

So Bass won’t tell us how this happened, but these two sure can.

What I doubt, though, is that the media will dig any deeper so as to learn what police discover going forward. If these two alleged thieves are guilty, we have a right to know if an anti-gun congresswoman currently seeking to become mayor of Los Angeles is irresponsible and hypocritical enough to demand gun control while simultaneously failing to understand proper gun storage.

We also have a right to know just how these two dipsticks determined there were guns worth stealing inside the house.

Yet I suspect that with Bass currently enjoying a double-digit lead in the polls, the LAPD won’t exactly be volunteering that information to anyone in the media, nor will that media be particularly interested in asking any questions, either.

It’s a shame, too, because I suspect we’d get a glimpse at just who Bass really is.

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