PA man arrested for selling stolen guns

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While many blame guns for our current violent crime ills, the truth is that gun control laws won’t make an impact. The reason is that the people who commit these crimes–and people are the issue here–don’t get guns from gun stores. Often, what they have are stolen guns.


Stolen and black market firearms are what the lion’s share of criminals actually use, after all.

But gun control advocates claim their preferred policies will put an end to so-called gun crime. Of course, that’s assuming you don’t have people like this:

A Glassport man accused by police of selling several guns stolen from a North Huntingdon home was arraigned Wednesday on theft charges.

John S. Hudak, 47, took photographs of the guns and communicated with potential buyers through Facebook messages, according to court papers. Police believe 13 handguns and long guns were involved.

The theft was reported Aug. 15, 2021, by a township woman who said the guns, a credit card, a debit card and other personal items were missing after Hudak pushed her down a flight of stairs at her home a couple of weeks earlier. She was dropped off by Hudak to seek medical treatment for injuries sustained in the fall, police said.

Officers caught up with Hudak at an Indiana County treatment facility and seized his cellphone. On it, investigators said they found communications in late July and early August 2021 with multiple people that contained photographs of the safe at the township home and guns inside of it, as well as individual firearms.


So tell me, how is gun control supposed to prevent stolen guns? Especially under circumstances like that?

When you have someone who is addicted to whatever, they’ll do whatever they have to to get money. If they can gain access to guns, they’ll steal them and sell them.

“Then we ban guns, then,” someone will say, but that’s a non-starter as a number of Supreme Court cases have ruled that gun ownership is an individual right.

So banning them won’t do any good because, well, you can’t ban them.

Further, that wouldn’t stop criminals from getting them. They’d just get guns through some other avenue. Either stolen guns taken from the police or military or guns smuggled in from elsewhere. Or they’d make them.

Gun control will always fail because gun control can’t account for things like the sale of stolen guns.

All gun control can do is control the law-abiding. The law-abiding generally aren’t buying or selling stolen guns, now are they?

This guy pushed a woman down a flight of stairs in order to rob her. Are we really surprised that someone who would do such a thing wouldn’t obey gun control laws?


I mean, if he were inclined to follow laws, you’d think a big one would be not pushing people down the stairs, don’t you think? Clearly, if he’d crossed that line, stealing and selling guns isn’t a huge leap to make, now is it? Especially since tumbles down stairs can be fatal.

But no, clearly gun control would have stopped all of this, right? Right?

What? You don’t think so?

Me neither.

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