Brady touts FOID system but they're missing something

Brady touts FOID system but they're missing something
(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

The FOID system is something that Illinois has had a few issues with. I mean, if you tell people they have to get a license just to purchase a firearm and everyone needs to have one before they do, and then fail to prepare for times when demand gets really high, something is going to happen.

Unsurprisingly, though, the system has its advocates. They’re people who have never had to wait for a FOID card before being able to defend themselves from violent attackers, but they exist.

And it’s hilarious when someone from Brady tout the system as being a good thing.

The debate around gun laws in Illinois continues.

During a recent Illinois House Public Safety and Violence Prevention Task Force hearing on addressing gun violence, Christian Heyne with The Brady Campaign praised the state’s Firearm Owner Identification card law.

“The license to purchase, the FOID system in Illinois, is something that has a tremendous impact on the flow of illegal guns in ensuring that the people who are purchasing weapons are adequately screened and that they are purchasing the guns for themselves,” Heyne said.


So, how did this happen? Or this? Or how about this one?

It sure looks like FOID cards don’t prevent straw buys.

However, we also need to remember that straw buys are only a small part of how criminals get guns. They also get them via the black market, and not all of those guns come from straw purchases. Most are stolen guns that are then bought and sold illicitly.

For the record, black market gun sellers do not require a FOID card.

But do you know who does? Gun stores. What to know what else happens at gun stores regardless of whether they’re in Illinois or not? They conduct a background check to make sure the person trying to buy the gun isn’t a felon.

The FOID is, at best, redundant.

But that’s not the only thing about the FOID, either. As noted, it delays law-abiding citizens from exercising their rights, and for what? To keep guns out of criminals’ hands?

Well, that must be why Chicago is an absolute crime-free Utopia these days, isn’t it?

Look, I get what people like the individual from Brady like about FOID cards, but the truth is that they don’t do anything except allow people like that to pat themselves on the back regarding all they’ve accomplished, all without having to actually impact criminals in any way.

Absolutely brilliant.

But what they have done is create the criminal enterprise of straw buys, allowing unscrupulous folks to profit from anti-gun measures. I’m sure those who make money doing just that are thankful for folks like Brady.

And in Illinois, they may be especially thankful since the FOID system means they can command more profit for straw-bought guns.

Somehow, that doesn’t seem to make these discussions. Funny how that shakes out, isn’t it? Then again, this is how gun control of any kind tends to shake out.