Gabby Giffords: We need to come together for gun control

Gabby Giffords: We need to come together for gun control
Democratic National Convention via AP

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was the unfortunate victim of a violent attack targeting her specifically. It was an awful event and one that should never have happened.

Since then, though, the Democrat who tried to position herself as at least somewhat pro-gun has fully embraced gun control, founding her own group to advance just that agenda.

Now, she’s taken to the opinion page of the Fox News website to call on all American gun owners to join with her to advance gun control.

That’s why I founded a coalition within Giffords called Gun Owners for Safety. It’s a community for responsible gun owners to advocate for gun safety laws while standing up to extremists who claim to stand up for freedom — but whose ideas undermine the safety of our schools and communities.

Members of Giffords Gun Owners for Safety have the courage to take action to address the gun violence epidemic. They understand that the right to own guns must be balanced with civic responsibility. They know that gun ownership is not a license to terrorize and harass others with firearms — and they don’t feel understood, heard or represented by gun lobby groups that use fear and extremism to sell more guns.

First, I agree owning a gun isn’t a license to “terrorize and harass others with firearms.” Of course, I’m pretty sure Giffords thinks any sight of firearms counts as terrorization and harassment with a gun whereas I don’t, but that’s just my assumption based on her views. I could be wrong.

The problem, though, is that rather than working on educating gun owners about how to be responsible gun owners or something like that, they’re demonizing the groups that actually work to preserve our gun rights.

That’s because, for Giffords, the only way to advance “gun safety” is to restrict law-abiding gun owners.

Gun owners are also a key ingredient of effective gun safety legislation because we appreciate the freedom to own guns, and the need to ensure that guns are handled and stored safely. Our gun owners have testified and successfully lobbied legislators at the state level to close loopholes in our background checks system, pass safe storage bills and establish and fund research offices across America. And a number of them came to Washington to meet with Republicans and Democrats alike this summer in support of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

Giffords then goes on to give examples of gun owners who are now gun control–excuse me, gun “safety”–advocates, though only gives first names so as to make it impossible to verify if these people even exist, much less hold the positions she claims.

Yet note that all of what she talks about here are laws. She’s not interested in making gun owners more responsible. She wants to restrict their actions without any concern for individual situations.

Gifford wraps up with:

I want to use my experience as both a survivor and a gun owner to continue to reach across the aisle and build bridges. We all want our families to be safe and for the future to look brighter for our children than the present. There is room for everyone at the table of democracy — as long as we all are committed to upholding the foundation of the table, not tearing it down.

Together, we can not only exercise our American freedoms, but also play a vital role in protecting the lives and rights of all American citizens.

She wants to find common ground, apparently, but to do that, we need to just shut up and think what she tells us to think.

Frankly, Giffords has a lot of nerve to talk about wanting families to be safe in the same opinion piece she advocates for mandatory storage laws. Such laws make it so firearms must be locked up at all times except when they’re actually on one’s person. That means some may not be able to access it quickly enough when there’s a threat since, again, one’s individual circumstances are irrelevant.

See, for me, the biggest problem is that when someone talk about how we all need to come together, they inevitably mean we should come together and accept their position. They’re not going to budge. They expect you to do so.

That’s what Giffords is doing in this piece. She expects us to roll over and go along with her positions because of her own self-righteousness.

However, there’s a problem with that.

You see, gun control doesn’t work. While the Giffords organization is donating money to research, that research is also being manipulated to give a particular result.

What we can see is that the Gun Control Act of 1968 was followed by a massive spike in violent crime. While correlation doesn’t equal causation, causation should equal correlation. In other words, if gun control worked, why was one of the biggest gun control laws in history followed by decades of surging violence?

So with that in mind, why would anyone on this side of the debate consider stepping across the aisle to take anti-gun positions when we already know they don’t work?

Giffords doesn’t want you to think about that. She just wants you to roll over for the platitudes and vague assurances that some are already doing just that.

I’d tell you not to fall for it, but I won’t. I already know you won’t.