Zoo Atlanta criticisms ignore electoral reality

Zoo Atlanta criticisms ignore electoral reality

The Daily Kos used to be a real big deal in left-leaning circles. I suppose it still is to some degree, though its importance has waned quite a bit over the years.


I don’t see much from them anymore, and that’s probably a good thing, based on their report on Zoo Atlanta.

Now, we’ve covered this issue already, most recently on Wednesday. The zoo changed their gun ban policy because they didn’t want to deal with a court case.

For at least one Daily Kos writer, the commentary that follows the discussion is downright hilarious.

Zoo Atlanta has reversed its weapons policy to allow guns at the zoo after gun rights activists questioned an earlier weapons ban at the site. A nonprofit, Zoo Atlanta’s stated mission is to “save wildlife and their habitats through conservation, research, education and engaging experiences.” Along those lines, it previously banned guns “in an effort to enhance and protect the safety of our team members, guests, and the animals in our care,” the nonprofit said in a statement Daily Kos obtained on Wednesday.

”Since that time, the legal grounds for that decision have been questioned by individuals and organizations advocating the right to carry weapons,” the zoo said.

“Zoo Atlanta continues to believe that its decision to prohibit carrying of guns onto Zoo Atlanta grounds is legally supportable and in the best interest of safety,” zoo officials said in a statement. “At this time, however, Zoo Atlanta is choosing not to undergo the major distraction and expense of litigation, but will instead give public officials an opportunity to consider and address this issue.

“In the meantime, and effective immediately, Zoo Atlanta’s weapons policy will revert to its original form, which allows guests to carry weapons as permitted by law. Zoo Atlanta recognizes and maintains the right to pursue further analysis of this policy.”

Let’s hope that analysis will come under the regime of a new state leader, one who doesn’t attach her name to policies that enable guns at places geared toward children.


Oh, honey.

Let’s take this apart bit by bit. Just that last paragraph/sentence because holy crap is there some weapons-grade idiocy on display there.

First, this “regime of a new state leader.”

By this, the writer means Stacey Abrams, who is a vehement anti-gunner. The writer believes that Abrams can undo all the pro-gun gains made in the state in recent years. In fairness, that’s what Abrams has been promising during her campaign.

Realistically, though, even thinking that’s possible requires a complete lack of understanding about, well, everything.

First, Abrams is trailing in the polls and trailing badly. While the polls aren’t always right, they’re not likely to be that wrong. The odds of Abrams becoming governor are somewhere south of me winning Miss America, and if you’ve seen me, you know I’d look atrocious in a bikini.

So that’s not going to happen.

What about taking guns to a place “geared toward children?”

Look, Zoo Atlanta is geared toward younger people and their families. That’s absolutely true. However, that’s also what might make it attractive to a mass shooter, just to name one example. Such a person isn’t going to adhere to a no-weapons policy, but such a rule might well make it so no one could defend their families from such an attack.

Further, even if Zoo Atlanta were perfectly safe, what about everything else that a gun owner might do that day? A trip to the zoo followed by lunch or running some errands? At any point, they could face an attack. The odds are low, but they’re never zero and you don’t know when your probability of being a victim reaches one, which is why we carry.


Yet a rule that means we must be disarmed at one place, like the zoo, may well lead to us being unable to meet that threat somewhere else along the journey.

Anti-gunners don’t understand that. They don’t want to understand it. For them, rules are always listened to and no harm befalls anyone unless they do something different than what anti-gunners believe.

It must be nice living in the state of Delusion.

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