How Measure 114 will hurt Oregon's poor

How Measure 114 will hurt Oregon's poor
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As of this writing, the jury is still officially out on whether Oregon’s Measure 114 will pass or not. Time will tell, but most figure it will eventually become law.


And there are profound problems with it, problems I think will lead to the law being overturned by the courts.

However, in the meantime, it will cause problems.

My friend, Hannah Cox writing at Based-Politics, notes that one group will be even more impacted than others.

First and foremost, don’t you think it’s high-key interesting that proponents of this law are of the same political stripe that claims people of color can’t obtain photo IDs in order to vote? Yet, they feel this is a perfectly acceptable condition to hang the vital right to defend oneself on?

Personally, I think the argument that people can’t obtain a photo ID is bogus and patronizing all around. But, we have to call out blatant hypocrisy when we see it.

More importantly, though, this law actually will prohibit poor people (of all races) from exercising their right to self-defense. And when you think about domestic abuse instances or women walking to their car after a late-night shift, that means it will ultimately get innocent people killed.

You know who won’t bother jumping through all of these hoops to get a firearm? A criminal. In fact, we already know that the vast majority of guns used in a crime are obtained illegally in the first place.

Obviously, I agree with everything Hannah is saying here.

For example, it is hilarious that the people who think a photo ID is too difficult for a poor person to obtain in order to vote but see absolutely no problem in requiring one in order to buy a firearm in accordance with the Second Amendment.


But the big issue is the cost associated. As noted, it will keep those with lower incomes from being able to lawfully purchase a gun.

After all, the permit to purchase one is $65. That doesn’t seem like a lot to many, but I can tell you from experience that if it comes down to food on the table or spending $65 on something else, the groceries come first.

Yet that’s not all of it. There’s also a mandated training requirement in order to get a permit to buy a firearm.

Training classes cost money. The instructors take time out of their lives in order to not just get the training themselves but to teach it to others. They deserve compensation for that.

As a result, though, the cost of training alone will likely make gun ownership too expensive for many poorer Oregonians. With the additional costs involved because of Measure 114, it might as well be a requirement that all cars on Oregon’s roads be Ferraris.

Democrats like to present themselves as champions of the poor, but it’s their backing of laws like this that illustrates just how little most of them actually care about the economically disadvantaged in our society.

Oh, they’ll give them your money, but God forbid they want to be a gun owner. Measure 114 sees to that.

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