Montgomery County, MD restricts guns near public places

Montgomery County, MD restricts guns near public places
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When laws are created to keep people from carrying guns in certain places, it doesn’t actually work that way. What it does is keep law-abiding folks from carrying there. Criminals will keep doing what they’ve always done.


That’s not stopping Montgomery County in Maryland, though.

The Montgomery County Council has unanimously approved a bill that prohibits having a firearm within 100 yards of some public places in the Maryland county.

That includes schools, parks, libraries, health care facilities and places of worship. The new bill, passed Tuesday, would also apply to those with Maryland State Police-issued wear and carry permits.

“It’s sad that we even have to introduce this bill,” said Montgomery County Council President Gabe Albornoz, adding that of the nearly 930 guns confiscated by local police, most come from jurisdictions with less restrictive firearm access laws.

Except, you don’t have to introduce it and I’m not going to just sit here and allow Albornoz to dictate the narrative that this is some kind of a necessity. It’s not. It’s a choice Montgomery County officials made.

Look, if this law were going to keep criminals from carrying a gun in these places, then why wouldn’t laws against, oh, I don’t know…killing people also stop them?

It won’t.


Albornoz cited the shooting at the University of Virginia as an example of why such a law was needed. However, he failed to note that carrying on the school campus was already prohibited by state law, which pretty well illustrates my point.

Of particular interest is that lawmakers say this measure will go into effect pretty much immediately.

That sparked an interesting response by Mark Pennak, president of Maryland Shall Issue.

“The bill as enacted, basically becomes effective on the date of enactment, there’s no waiting period,” said Pennak. “So, this will go into effect very rapidly and we’ll be moving in court, equally rapidly.”

As they should.

Pennak also noted that people with concealed carry permits have been thoroughly vetted “to the ends of the earth,” as he put it, that folks with permits aren’t the ones creating an issue.

He is, of course, absolutely correct. Concealed carry permit holders are generally law-abiding citizens and have been their whole lives. They’re not shooting up parks or neighborhoods.

Those who have aren’t getting permits. They’re tucking a gun in their pants and walking out the door regardless of state, local, federal, international, moral, immoral, corporeal, incorporeal, interstellar, or intergalactic laws you care to put into place. They’re just going to do what they want to do and no words on a page are going to change that.


Montgomery County passed this law, but they shouldn’t hold their breath that it will do anything. It won’t.

Well, nothing good, anyway.

Where it may have an impact is in there being fewer people who can stop a brutal attack from happening because the dipsticks in charge didn’t trust the law-abiding folks to abide by the law.

Folks in Montgomery County, Maryland, this is who got elected. It’s up to you to change that. In the meantime, the lawsuit should be quite interesting to behold post-Bruen.

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