Five killed in mass shooting in Toronto suburb

Five killed in mass shooting in Toronto suburb

Toronto, Canada isn’t a dangerous city. Most of Canada isn’t, to be honest. There are likely things we could learn by really studying the differences between them and the US, but the only thing some people want to focus on is gun control.


After all, they’ll tell us, Canada doesn’t have things like mass shootings. Sure, Nova Scotia happened, but what are the odds of it happening again?

Well, unfortunately, pretty damn good.

Five people were killed in a shooting at a condominium in a Toronto suburb Sunday night, police said.

At around 7:20 p.m., officers responded to an active shooting call at the building in Vaughan, a city just north of Toronto, York Regional Police Chief Jim MacSween said during a news conference.

Police found a “horrendous scene where numerous victims were deceased,” MacSween said. A surviving victim who was shot was taken to a hospital in serious condition, police said in a news release.

The male gunman was shot by an officer during a confrontation and died, the chief said. Police have not released the shooter’s name.

Nicolle said in an earlier news conference it appears the victims were from more than one condominium unit.

Residents were evacuated while emergency response personnel worked to clear the building and ensure there were no more victims. The residents waited for hours as police cleared the building floor-by-floor, finally returning to their homes after midnight.

A motive in the shooting rampage has not been released and police did not share what led up to the killings. Authorities believe there is no longer any threat to the community.

Because this wasn’t in just one unit in the building, this is a true mass shooting, often defined as the killing of three or more people outside of the home. These were multiple people in multiple homes, it seems.


And Canada may not have as much gun control as Australia, not that it helped them all that much, but they still have a lot more than the United States.

It clearly didn’t help.

However, I can’t help but notice that it was a police officer who arrived on the scene that took the bad guy down. If only one of the residents had been armed and ready to defend themselves. It might have ended the rampage a lot earlier, possibly even before it got to that three-person-killed threshold.

Unfortunately, the Toronto area isn’t exactly a hotbed of Canadian gun culture. I suspect most in the building looked poorly upon gun ownership–at least, they did if they were reflective of the anti-gun attitude of the city as a whole. As a result, they were defenseless when this maniac decided to rack up a body count.

Thankfully, he was put down by law enforcement, but not until five innocent people were slain.

Look, we can all agree that this shouldn’t happen. It’s just too bad some people can’t look and see that gun control is an absolute failure at preventing such things from happening. As a result, we will see more of these in the future.

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