GOA blasts omnibus spending bill over gun control

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There were bound to be issues with the omnibus spending bill recently passed by Congress. You don’t lump in 4,000 pages worth of spending without a fair bit of problematic stuff working its way in. In fact, a bill like this, there’s something for everyone to loathe.


Yet gun control? Could there be efforts to restrict our right to keep and bear arms in and amongst those 4,000 pages?

Yeah, there is, and Gun Owners of America aren’t too happy about it, either.

National gun rights organization, Gun Owners of America, raised alarm over the FY 2023 Omnibus Appropriations bill passed by Congress, saying it is meant to do more than designate spending.

“Gun Owners of America strongly objects to the Senate amendment in the nature of a substitute to HR 2617 because it is infested with Second Amendment infringements,” the group wrote in a statement released on Dec. 21. The statement lists 12 provisions GOA claims will advance the Biden administration’s gun-control agenda and infringe on Americans’ Second Amendment rights through gun confiscation.

The group also takes to task members of Congress who voted for the plan.

“It is an outrage that any legislator sworn to uphold the Constitution and the Second Amendment would even consider passing a 4,155-page $1.7 trillion appropriations bill with so many gun-control provisions,” the statement reads. “Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed.”

Among these is funding that could be used to promote and fund red flag laws in numerous states, increased funding for the ATF–which is especially problematic considering how they’ve acted of late–and “gun violence programs.”

Yeah, those gun violence programs have no real definition, which means they can and will be used for gun control of some description, at least to some degree.


The thing is, I’m not shocked that this would pass the House. They want gun control and will gladly settle for whatever they can get.

But the Senate passed this as well, and by a wider margin than the post-Uvalde gun control bill passed. That suggests that either they didn’t know what was in the bill or they hoped we wouldn’t know.

With more than 4,000 pages, it really could go either way.

Yet neither is or should be acceptable.

I get that funding needed to pass, but these supposed Republicans–pretty much all of which will campaign as pro-gun in the future–allowed themselves to be bullied into passage by Democrats and the media.

Folks want to know why we’re so divided? Stuff like this is why. We can see what just happened and no one should approve of this. No one at all.

The truth is that someone tried to sneak funding in through a hidden door and hoped no one would notice. Honestly, they likely could have gotten away with it, too, except someone did bother to take a look.

This is backdoor gun control, at least to some degree, and the worst part is that it’s done. There’s literally nothing we can do to stop most of this.

But we can remind the lawmakers who voted for it that we remember.

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