New Jersey faces hard reality with fewer guns but more crime

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

The state of New Jersey has made some headlines here of late. After all, you don’t come just shy of declaring the whole state a sensitive area with regard to concealed carry and it not draw our attention.


We’re used to seeing New Jersey be proud of its anti-gun nature.

However, let’s face some facts here. New Jersey may not have as many guns as many other places, but it’s not some low-crime mecca, either.

Anytime shootings and gun crimes go up, we hear calls for gun control. But is that really the answer?

A recent special report by showed states where gun-related crimes are surging. New Jersey is one of them.

The study followed gun tracing by the ATF. Guns that are traced by the ATF are typically those found at crime scenes and are that have either been used or are suspected to have been used, to commit a crime.

Those tracings were up 11.5% from 2021 to 2022. And even though gun purchases were up in the state, during that same period, we still have almost the least amount of guns of any state in the country.

In fact, another report shows what most of us already know. New Jersey is one of the states that has some of the lowest numbers of legal gun sales in the country.

Now, nothing in here should be surprising. The truth of the matter is that fewer guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens tend to translate sooner or later into more guns being used while in the hands of bad guys.

To see this in New Jersey–and it’s not just there, either–isn’t something anyone should find surprising.

But what will happen is that anti-gun lawmakers there will simply ignore this truth. They’ll pretend it’s not happening and keep doubling down on the failed policies that got them here.


And it’s not like most of the media will call them on it, either. They’ll manufacture tons of reasons why it’s not the fault of state law, talking about “iron pipelines” and so on.

Look, bad guns in New Jersey have no problem getting things like drugs to sell on the streets of Trenton and Newark. Drugs that aren’t, I might add, legal anywhere in the nation at the moment. Why on Earth would anyone assume they wouldn’t find another way to get guns if they suddenly vanished within the US borders?

It’s ridiculous.

What’s more, anyone with a fully-functioning brain should be able to tell that it’s ridiculous. Then again, that would rule out a lot of politicians from the jump, so maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised that states like New Jersey–states that have done all they legally can to discourage gun ownership within the state–would see numbers like this.

Folks there deserve better.

Sure, some of them voted for this nonsense, but a lot of them are just caught up in the misinformation pushed by politicians and the media.

So now when we find out that New Jersey has had yet another setback, we can smile just a bit knowing it’s the end of their problems, even if the dipsticks in charge don’t think so.

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