Attempted robber finds himself looking at wrong end of gun

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I’ve often said that when you’re looking down the barrel of a gun someone else is holding, a .22 LR looks like a .50 BMG. Yet it’s one of those things most people aren’t interested in testing out. They may agree or disagree, but no one wants to find out for themselves.


Well, one attempted robber knows if I’m right or not. He found out the hard way.

On Jan. 16, a man entered a hotel lobby in the 14800 block of Katy Freeway with a rifle and demanded money from the cash drawer from the hotel clerk.

Officials say while he was climbing over the counter, the woman pulled out her own handgun and aimed it at the suspect.

He then became scared and ran out of the hotel, reports say.

Here’s a video of the incident:


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Now, note that this is a guy armed with an AR-15. That’s the gun some argue is just too dangerous for anyone to own. The guy wielding it was scared off by a woman with a pistol.

That’s interesting.

It suggests that maybe the weapon wasn’t loaded–which isn’t unheard of with crooks, as some think having an unloaded weapon will somehow lessen charges if they’re caught and others are just too lazy to get ammo–or that he was fine just being intimidating but wasn’t willing to pull the trigger.

My guess is that the robber’s weapon wasn’t loaded but there’s absolutely no way to ever know for sure. Not at this point, anyway. Had he been apprehended right then, sure, but not now.

It’s another data point suggesting, though, that if you’re faced with an armed attacker, fighting back is certainly warranted.

Another thing to remember is that there are some studies that claim to want to look at defensive gun uses that won’t count this. Why? The bad guy wasn’t shot or killed. No rounds were apparently fired. The robber saw the firearm and ran.


That’s what happens in a lot of defensive gun uses. As soon as they see that their prey has fangs of their own, they run.

Meanwhile, let’s remember that we have legions of people in this country that would have preferred this woman be unarmed. They’d have preferred to leave her to the tender mercies if this would-be robber. Yes, I think the weapon was unloaded, but I prefer having to speculate than finding out the hard way that it wasn’t, and that is always on the table with an armed robbery.

And that’s just one of the awful things that could have befallen this woman.

Instead, she was armed and she drew her weapon and found out that the robber had no taste for prey that would fight back.

I don’t care what some people think, that’s a big win in my book and yet another reason why the Second Amendment is so important. While we often talk about defending ourselves against tyranny, and for good reason, we must never forget the tyranny of the thug is a thing as well.

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