Michigan seemingly going "all-in" on gun control

Michigan seemingly going "all-in" on gun control
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The state of Michigan has experienced two mass shootings in recent years. The first, at a high school in Oxford, and the second at Michigan State University.

They also now have Democrats in full control of the executive and legislative branches.


Now, unsurprisingly, they’re pushing gun control. A lot of it.

Michigan Democrats are pushing a package of 11 gun reform bills following two deadly mass shootings in the state, which has renewed calls for stricter laws across the country.

The package of legislation is poised to be introduced thos week, The Associated Press reported, and includes universal background checks and safe storage laws, among other measures.

State Democrats argued that so-called red flag laws, which allow law enforcement or family members to petition to restrict an at-risk individual’s firearm access, could have possibly prevented incidents like the Oxford shooting, according to the AP.

“We have children in Michigan who are living through their second school shooting in under a year and a half,” Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin of Michigan said at a police press conference for the MSU shooting. “If this is not a wake-up call to do something, I don’t know what is.”

The legislation also has provisions that individuals obtain a license as well as undergo a criminal background check and register upon purchasing, TIME reported.


In other words, they’re running out pretty much everything they’ve ever wanted in Michigan and just couldn’t get.

They’re delusional if they honestly think any of this would prevent a mass shooting from happening. The issues with red flag laws have been well documented, especially as we see lots of people talking about how there were all these signs after a shooting has occurred.

After all, red flag laws sure didn’t stop the Colorado Springs shooting from happening.

Frankly, none of this is going to make the state safer. If anything, it’ll do the opposite. Especially if they’re serious about a license-to-purchase requirement. In fact, it’s unlikely such a requirement would survive the inevitable legal challenge after the Bruen decision.

The truth is that Michigan Democrats have wanted gun control for years. They’ve pushed for it for a while, but as the minority party to some degree, they couldn’t cram it through.

Now, they think they have a way in.

Michigan State isn’t the motivation for this. It’s the pretext. We were likely to see all of these bills just the same.


Where they might be screwing up, though, is trying to do too much, too fast. A bill here and there might not be enough to motivate pro-gun voices in rural communities that just elected their first Democrat in a while, but 11? That’ll rally the troops every single time.

It might not stop everything from passing–some measures are going to be too popular to stop, most likely–but it’ll scuttle a lot of this, as it should.

Then we get to the legal challenges and the Bruen decision and we can see that there’s a very good chance that none of this stays on the books.

Good news for Michigan, but bad news for gun control.

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