Tucker Carlson: Owning a gun too much autonomy for Democrats

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There are few people on the right that gets the left as fired up as Tucker Carlson. The conservative commentator has one of the biggest shows on cable news and he says pretty much whatever he wants to say. That seems to infuriate those who disagree with them.


They can cope and seethe for all anyone else care.

However, Carlson recently said in an op-ed something that I feel like we need to talk a bit about here. You see, he talked about guns.

Just last year, these very same people were all eminent virologists, every one of them with passionate views on the details of pandemic management. This is, in other words, not a movement of rugged individuals. This is a party based on the idea of the group, the bureaucracy, the blob. It’s the party of weak, fearful people who are huddled together for collective power. When the Democratic Party speaks, it is always with one voice, often in a North Korean accent. One thing the party often speaks about is gun control. No American has the right to own an effective firearm, a firearm that does what firearms are supposed to. They’ll tell you this at length. Having a gun like that is just too much autonomy for you. If it continues, you may start to believe that you’re a free citizen, and we can’t allow that and we won’t. Joe Biden, for instance, makes this point regularly.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: We’re living in a country awash in weapons of war.  

BIDEN: And I got it done once. I’m going to do it again. Eliminate assault weapons. 

BIDEN: It’s time to ban these. It’s time to ban these weapons.  

BIDEN: The right to bear arms is not an absolute right that dominates all others. 

BIDEN: You don’t need an RA- — AR- — 15. I’m serious. Think about it.  

BIDEN: Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. 


However, Carlson goes on to note how NPR–a bastion of gun control thought–also had glowing coverage of a trans group arming themselves. The reason was a reported rise of violence targeting trans people.

Of course, this is sane and rational. If you believe someone wants to hurt you, being armed so you can defend yourself just makes a lot of sense.

But there are mixed signals at play here, and the anti-gunners who think you shouldn’t have a gun think that their preferred demographics should.


Again, I have no issue with trans people getting guns. I have no problem with black, brown, or purple people getting guns. I think any law-abiding citizen should be able to purchase firearms.  Yes, that actually includes people who vehemently disagree with me on policy. In fact, I want more of them buying guns. After all, if they do, we’ll likely see a switch in how Democrats view gun control.

But I digress.

As it stands, Carlson is right that they don’t want you to own guns. They don’t trust you to own them. That’s how it goes and how it will remain because an armed citizen is a free citizen and one who will stay that way.

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