Biden, anti-gunners use Alabama shooting to push gun control

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Whenever there’s anything that can be described as a mass shooting, we see people like President Joe Biden immediately call for gun control.

Yet the shooting in Dadeville, Alabama almost went under the radar for some reason. It just didn’t get the attention many would expect for an incident that killed four and left 28 injured.


President Biden and other gun control advocates, however, didn’t miss the opportunity to push their agenda.

While many key details surrounding the fatal shooting in Dadeville on Saturday have yet to be released, President Joe Biden and others have wasted no time seizing the moment to push for more gun control.

“This morning, our nation is once again grieving for at least four Americans tragically killed at a teen’s birthday party in Dadeville, Alabama as well as two others killed last night in a crowded public park in Louisville,” President Joe Biden said Sunday morning, according to ABC News. “…What has our nation come to when children cannot attend a birthday party without fear? When parents have to worry every time their kids walk out the door to school, to the movie theater, or to the park? Guns are the leading killer of children in America, and the numbers are rising — not declining.”

Biden said many Americans “want lawmakers to act on common sense gun safety reforms,” and he called on U.S. Congress to act.

U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell (R-Birmingham) echoed the president’s sentiments. After hearing the news of the shooting, she tweeted, “My heart is so heavy to hear the news out of Dadeville and Louisville last night. Week after week, we mourn the loss of life from senseless violence, and I ask my colleagues how many more will it take?”

It should be noted, however, that Sewell is actually a Democrat, not a Republican. Kind of an important distinction there.

It’s not surprising, however, that anti-gun lawmakers are seizing on this opportunity–and yes, they see it not as a tragedy, but an opportunity to be exploited. They don’t know anything about what happened, but it’s clear we need their preferred policies in order to prevent such awful things from happening again.


The problem is that we don’t know who the shooter or shooters were, so how can we even begin to consider any kind of gun control might potentially stop such people?

If they passed a background check before getting a gun, universal background checks are useless. If they used a handgun, an assault weapon ban is useless. If they stole a gun, again, universal background checks aren’t beneficial. If this was someone trying to settle a score, how much good would a red flag law actually do?

Time and time again, we see calls for gun control in the wake of awful tragedies, particularly from Biden, only to find out the policies being advocated for would have had no impact on what transpired.

Not that it would somehow be better if they did, but at least then it would feel like someone’s trying to address what happened rather than using the bodies of the slain as a soapbox.


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