Writer assures us Democrats aren't coming for our guns

Writer assures us Democrats aren't coming for our guns
AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

We often argue that the endgame for gun control is near the total disarmament of the American population. Part of that involves taking guns from law-abiding citizens.

There’s a reason we call them “gun grabbers,” right?

Yet we’re constantly told that we have nothing to fear, that no one is coming for them, that no one wants to take our guns from us. People like the author of this op-ed, for example.

ere’s a message to Republicans: Don’t judge the entire Democrat party on the basis of what you hear from a few, far left party politicians. They do not speak for a huge majority of the party. Mostly, they just speak for themselves. Take gun control. Except for these out of touch ultra-liberals, Democrats do not advocate governments taking away guns from citizens. Let me repeat that: The Democratic party DOES NOT want to take away your guns. Gun ownership is specifically guaranteed in the Constitution and seizing firearms would take a constitutional amendment.

And that’s not going to happen.

So to gun owners: Overcome the false fear of government seizing your guns. Work with legislators to seek ways to stop or at least lower the senseless killings of so many people and especially helpless children. Pressure the NRA to focus on what needs to be done rather than continuing to frighten with a false narrative. Finally, recognize that if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. With the privilege of gun ownership also comes responsibility. Just do it.

Yeah, no one wants to take your guns away. Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont didn’t try to do just that earlier this year or anything. An attempt to ban the possession of something people were able to own lawfully prior is nothing but an attempt to take people’s guns from them.

We also have the president shocked that people are “allowed” to own semi-automatic weapons.

Then there’s the fact that many people actually do want to repeal the Second Amendment, which the author correctly notes is easier said than done.

However, the fact that they’re not likely to be successful doesn’t begin to make up for the fact that they still want to see it happen, including a former Supreme Court justice. It’s not just some fringe of the left wanting to do just that, as the author claims.

No, these are prominent members of the left, including one sitting governor, the president, and a former Supreme Court justice.

To pretend that there is no threat to our right to keep and bear arms and that there’s no risk of guns ever being confiscated is the kind of delusion someone on the left might like for us to buy into, but it’s not one I’m ever going to accept.

Oh, they might have challenges and it might not be something that will happen in my lifetime, but not because there isn’t a sizeable chunk of the Democratic Party that wants to do just that.

To tell yourself and, by extension, us that it’s just the fringe is gaslighting. We’re not supposed to trust our own eyes. Instead, we’re supposed to trust the author when he tells us that we’re crazy for seeing what he claims isn’t there, despite what we’ve seen with our own eyes.

Luckily, we’re not buying what he’s selling.