David Hogg freaks over loud noise, calls for gun control

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Gun control activist David Hogg is like a lot of the loud voices you hear in the anti-gun movement. They just repeat what someone else told them and don’t seem to have much in the way of original thoughts.

Though, admittedly, we’ve seen what happens when one of them goes off script, so that’s probably a smart thing for them.

For these folks, it often seems they’re jumping at shadows when they pretend every gun everywhere represents some kind of a problem.

Yet it seems Hogg really is that jumpy.

Gun control activist David Hogg tweeted a video Wednesday featuring a loud noise in a crowded gym to push for more gun control, but police clarified the noise was not a gunshot.

The incident occurred in a gym in Mansfield, Texas, on Sunday.

The problem? It wasn’t a gun.

It was someone tripping over a table.

Now, for someone like Hogg, that’s part of the problem, I’m sure. After all, if shootings weren’t a thing, people wouldn’t hear a loud noise and freak out like this.

But the truth is that this is on people like him and his buddies in the media.

They’ve spent years telling everyone that mass shootings are everywhere and that it’s only a matter of time before their kids were faced with the reality of such a thing at their school.

Most people don’t know guns, in part because people like Hogg work to demonize them. Many people refuse to even learn about firearms.

As such, many don’t know what a gunshot actually sounds like.

So, they freak out over a loud noise.

Then we have Hogg who perpetuates the misunderstanding by attributing it to a “gunfight.” This is the same David Hogg who made a big deal over the fact that he’s gone shooting several times and is familiar with how to use firearms.

If he’s as familiar as he claims, he should have known.

It wasn’t a mass shooter, it was a dude tripping over a table. That may be loud, but it doesn’t have the same ring as a gunshot. They’re different and I’m sure everyone reading this knows damn good and well what that difference sounds like.

In the process of trying to score points, Hogg completely undermined everything he was pushing for.

The panic in question wasn’t because guns exist or can be purchased, but because of ignorance. That’s an ignorance he has a hand in perpetuating with every tweet, every podcast, every television interview.

Remember, we’re the ones who tell people to learn how to use firearms. We’re the ones telling people to go to the range and learn about guns.

It’s Hogg and his bunch that demonizes guns and gun owners so much that many want nothing to do with them.

They’re terrified of these murder devices and so they hear a table collapse and freak out thinking it’s a gunman looking to kill everyone in the gymnasium.

That’s on people like Hogg.

With all that said, though, it does appear that an argument reportedly prompted someone to go out to their car and get a firearm. That prompted people to freak over the loud noise, but it was still not a gunshot and you’d think folks in Texas would be more likely to understand that.

The incident is currently under investigation, but Hogg didn’t need any investigation in order to make himself look like a pompous ass.

Well done, David. Well done indeed.

Not only was it not a gunfight, but you’ve now justified every person panicking over a loud noise for years to come. Well done.