For anti-gun groups, it will never be enough

For anti-gun groups, it will never be enough
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Pretty much every anti-gun group I can think of is a non-profit group. People donate money to the cause and the organization hires a professional staff that makes their living advocating for gun control.


This is important to remember. It’s part of why literally no amount of gun control will ever be enough for the gun control movement.

We can see this by the fact that there’s always something next for anti-gun advocates.

Michigan’s new gun control legislation will go into effect early next year. But advocates say that communities need more tools to ensure the laws have a real impact.

Michigan’s new laws include expanded background checks and a safe storage requirement for any household with a minor.

Informing the public about the new laws is one focus of Monday’s Wear Orange event in Bronson Park. The event will feature community leaders and gun violence survivors.

He also said advocacy groups are also pushing for new gun control legislation to protect victims of domestic violence.

See, here’s what you need to understand about anti-gun groups.

They can get pretty much everything they wanted, such as in Michigan, but they’ll always have another set of policies they want to push.

With every legislative victory, a new agenda gets pulled out that calls for more and more gun control. The Overton Windo gets shifted a little further left and more of people’s rights come under fire.

“Dude, that’s not what’s happening in Michigan. That’s just some common sense gun control,” someone will argue.

To them, I point to states like New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, and California.

They all started in a similar place to what we’re seeing in Michigan. Today, they’re anti-gun hellscapes that seem to treat law-abiding citizens interested in exercising their right to keep and bear arms as the enemy who must be restrained with every bit of law imaginable.


Michigan, if they’re not careful, is just on the next step of the same dark, draconian process.

Anti-gun groups need to justify their existence. If they get everything they say they “just” want, they’ll shift and demand new things. If guns were decreed illegal and were somehow stripped from existence, they’d simply start taking issue with bladed weapons and demand those be restricted and/or banned.

It will never be enough for them. Never.

And we know this because not a single gun control group has ever shut down operations because they got what they wanted.

No, they just start working toward the next infringement.

Don’t tell me this is just about “common sense” gun control. Even if it actually was common sense and wouldn’t create massive problems, I’d still oppose it because that’s not going to be the end of it. If I thought encroachments on our rights would end with the passage of a red flag law, I might be willing to consider it.

I know better and so do you.

Gun control isn’t about the next thing. It’s always been about taking everything from you and me.

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