Anti-gun group wants to arm every black man with AR-15

Anti-gun group wants to arm every black man with AR-15
AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane

“If black people started buying guns, Republicans would start pushing gun control.”

How many times have you heard such a thing? Anti-gunners have said it for decades, about everything from handguns to AR-15s.


Moreover, they’re still saying it, despite an increasing number of black gun owners and still few (read: no) gun rights supporters suddenly deciding that gun control is a good idea.

Funny, that.

But one anti-gun group has a galaxy-brained idea to change that. If you’re a black guy or gal, you’re going to love this one.

Progressive activists concerned about gun violence are launching a campaign to drum up the support they need to pass more restrictive gun laws. The group plans to purchase an AR-15 for every eligible black American to scare Republicans into backing stricter regulations on firearms.

“We’ve known for a long time that racist Republicans are terrified at the thought of black men owning guns,” said Shelby Harris, chief operating officer of “Unpull the Trigger,” a non-profit anti-gun group. “By making sure every black man has a rifle, we can finally get Republicans to support universal background checks, gun buybacks, and confiscation of assault weapons.”

Dubbed the “Scare the Racists Straight” initiative, this controversial proposal is intended to get Republican politicians and their conservative constituents on board with the effort to limit gun ownership as much as possible.

“It’s a really exciting project,” said Tiffany Petit. “When these racist rednecks see video after video of black men shooting assault weapons at the range and carrying them in public, they’ll get on the phone immediately to tell their Congressperson to support more gun control pronto!”


As the piece continues, it keeps on talking about “racist Republicans,” so it’s safe to say they’ve never actually spoken with a gun rights supporter.

But let’s look at this premise for a moment. This idea that if black people suddenly had guns, these “racist Republicans” would start passing gun control has been trotted out for decades now, but we haven’t seen evidence of it.

After all, it wasn’t that long ago that the Not F***ing Around Coalition was marching up and down American city streets just as heavily armed as your average Boogaloo Boy. The only thing said by anyone was the fact that the group had a couple of negligent discharges, which are a serious problem, but not one that had anything to do with their race.

Yet I hope they don’t allow me to dissuade them from doing so. However, I hope they’ll include everyone even partially black. After all, we know that racists have long been fond of the One Drop Rule, which means they should buy me an AR-15 due to the one percent of Nigerian DNA I have according to

Cam tells me he identifies as a black man as well.

In fact, I suspect they’d be shocked to find out how many people identify as black in the gun community.


Seriously, though, I say they should go for it. Buy one for every black man and woman in this country. The 2A community will be happy to have them at our gun ranges where a lot of black gun owners will tell them that they’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Correction: I got hit by Poe’s Law, folks. This was, apparently, satire, but it sounded just stupid enough to be real. I looked at the site and didn’t see anything saying it was parody. That’s on me.

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