Biden once again beating gun control drum after shootings

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

There are a few constants in the world; if you drop something while on Earth, it will fall; we all die sooner or later, and Joe Biden is going to call for gun control.


It’s just how the universe works, apparently.

After a bloody Monday evening that saw two different mass shootings, one in Fort Worth and another in Philadelphia, the president decided he had to do something, so he did what he always did.

That’s right, he called for gun control.

President Biden issued a demand for tougher firearm restrictions Tuesday after a string of deadly shootings unfolded across the country over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Biden, 80, called for action while also marking the anniversary of last year’s July 4th parade massacre in Highland Park, Ill., in which seven people were slaughtered.

“Over the last few days, our nation has once again endured a wave of tragic and senseless shootings in communities across America — from Philadelphia to Fort WorthBaltimore to Lansing, Wichita to Chicago,” the president said in a statement issued by the White House.

“Today, Jill and I grieve for those who have lost their lives and, as our nation celebrates Independence Day, we pray for the day when our communities will be free from gun violence.”

What Biden will never acknowledge is that you can’t be free from gun violence. It exists in every country on the planet to some degree or another.

“But ours is so much worse,” some will argue, and they’re not wrong.

The thing is, so is our non-gun crime. Our non-gun homicide rate is higher than many nations’ total homicide rate, which means there is something within the fiber of this country that we need to figure out if we want to reduce violence.


Biden will never say that, though. There’s no way he has any interest in that. He just wants to restrict guns because the gun control crowd is a large chunk of those who put him in office in the first place.

As such, he doesn’t dare not call for gun control.

The problem in this instance is that we still don’t know much about either shooting. While we have a suspect in the Philadelphia shooting, we don’t know how he got his weapon in the first place. We don’t even know who opened fire in the Fort Worth shooting, and I suspect most of the other shootings Biden is talking about involved firearms already obtained illegally.

So while he’ll push this once again, the reality is that gun control, or the lack thereof, isn’t the problem. The problem is that we have an entire swath of people who want desperately to take human life for some unfathomable reason.

That’s the real problem in this country, but Biden won’t acknowledge it.

So, we’ll have to do it for him. We’ll have to talk about it and pressure lawmakers to understand that this is the issue that needs to be addressed and to leave our guns alone.

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