FBI colluded with banks to monitor gun purchases

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

The FBI is not a very popular organization these days with a lot of people. For many of us, the findings of the Durham Report were particularly troubling since the bureau basically went on a personal vendetta against a presidential candidate then continued it while he was president.


That’s not exactly comforting.

But the hits just keep on rolling, because it seems the FBI asked for data from Bank of America–and likely other financial institutions–involving, among other things, gun purchase data.

Now, let’s understand that while Bank of America may have voluntarily turned that data over, the FBI had no business asking for it in the first place.

Plus, frankly, Bank of America should have responded, “Get a warrant.” They didn’t, which is on them, so if you have Bank of America, that might be something to consider.

But the FBI is, at least in theory, answerable to the American people. They are funded by the taxpayers and answer to our elected officials. They’re going to get the bulk of my ire because, frankly, I don’t bank with Bank of America so it’s kind of hard to boycott them.


And they’re data mining for gun purchase data not for specific individuals who they suspect may have committed a crime, but for people in general.

Now, the upside is that there’s no code specifically delineating gun purchases, so people who bought anything at, say, Bass Pro Shops or similar big box, outdoor store that also sells firearms are in that list, so it’s impossible to know definitively if those people own guns or not.

However, that’s not exactly making me feel all that more comforted.

The federal government has been weaponized against the American people. We are no longer looking at law enforcement that serves the people but instead seeks to treat each and every one of us as criminals. They view gun owners in particular as potential criminals.

There’s no reason for the FBI to want this information. There was no reason to ask for it.

And Wray sits there and just tried to pretend that this was offered to the FBI out of the goodness of Bank of America’s heart. He was hoping that Rep. Thomas Massie was unaware of how that information landed in the FBI’s hands.


Unfortunately for Wray, Massie had an email showing the request.

Again, there is no reason for this. Not unless the FBI legitimately believes there is a significant overlap between “lawful gun purchaser” and “criminal.”

Yet they have access to all the same information I do, if not more, showing that simply isn’t the case.

So why did they ask for it?

Frankly, it’s time the FBI was dismantled. The organization simply cannot be trusted. I have absolutely no doubt there are good agents still part of the bureau who just want to catch bad guys for the good of the American people, but there are just too many there who view the American people themselves as the bad guys.

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