Guns likely a big issue in Michigan Senate race

Guns likely a big issue in Michigan Senate race
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Michigan seems to be rolling toward the anti-gun side.

That’s based on recent elections and the actions of that legislature put in place because of them. It’s not surprising that gun control was passed almost immediately.


Yet now there’s a race on to represent the state in the US Senate, and gun control is likely to play a role.

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was in Michigan Monday to stand alongside Mid-Michigan gun control advocates.

During one of Giffords’ events, while serving as a US congresswoman in Arizona, she was shot in the head in a mass shooting.

“The fight to stop gun violence, it’s also a fight forged by tragedy and pain,” Gifford said. “A fight that can change lives.”

She was one of many advocates gathered Monday to show their support for Rep. Elissa Slotkin in her Michigan U.S. Senate race.

While gun control remains a key focus for Slotkin, some of her Republican counterparts said it’s not a gun issue.

“Well it’s because people want to protect themselves, they want to protect their families. It’s a God-given American right,” said Michael Hoover, a Republican running for Michigan’s U.S. Senate seat.

“The problem is that we have people being raised up in homes that are broken in many cases, and in some cases then we have people that are repeat offenders,” Hoover said. “And then we have prosecutors that are not putting these people into jail or prison, where they need to be.

Unfortunately, based on what we’ve seen out of Michigan of late, Slotkin probably has the inside track on the Senate seat.

However, it’s not because Hoover is necessarily wrong.

The truth of the matter is that when you break it down, so-called gun violence isn’t the result of guns, but of people. For example, we know that even our non-gun homicide rate is higher than many other developed nations’ total homicide rate.


We are simply more violent as a nation for some reason, and it’s beyond time to stop pretending otherwise. Hoover’s suggestions may well be worth considering.

Unfortunately, unless Michigan votes differently than it did in 2022, it’s unlikely we’re going to see him get a shot at fighting for that in Washington.

Instead, we’re probably going to see Slotkin show up, push for gun control, demand it even, then pretend any failures of gun control is really just due to a lack of it, as is usual with anti-gunners like her.

But no amount of gun control will make people behave better. No amount of restriction will actually restrict the unlawful. If we want to address the problems with violent crime, we need to undermine the entire system that creates criminals in the first place.

Unfortunately, for some reason, that’s not popular with the anti-gun segment of our population. They want “gun safety” but they never seem to want to actually help prevent people from becoming criminals in the first place. Funny how that shakes out, isn’t it? It’s like they just want to restrict our freedoms, not make anyone safer.

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