Naked woman walks down California freeway shooting at cars

Image by MikeGunner from Pixabay

The state of California has plenty of gun control laws. We’ve talked about it plenty, over the years, and we’ll do it again. They’ve got literally every gun control law on the books currently being discussed at the federal level and a lot that would never fly in Congress, even with anti-gun Democrats holding all the cards.


Yet, we can’t pretend that such laws actually do all that much.

I mean, it didn’t do a lot to stop a naked woman from walking down a California freeway popping shots at cars for some reason.

California is a sightseer’s dream — it boasts a bevy of beach cities, prominent parks, Hollywood history, and naked women running on the roads. But don’t be seduced by pornographically-primed pedestrians — toward lusting laps, they’re busting caps. At least, that was the critical case Tuesday.

Viral video from June 26th shows a completely nude lady journeying sans car at San Francisco’s Bay Bridge. She walks, jogs, and changes lanes barefoot — as traffic-weary travelers take in yet another view of an exhaust pipe.

Oh — and she’s pointing a pistol.

As relayed by MSN, “[S]he…began firing the gun at other cars stuck in the bridge traffic.”

No one took a bullet, though she had all the makings of a crack shot. And she didn’t cause a rash of wrecks; rear-end collisions were avoided.

The woman was eventually arrested by the California Highway Patrol, but not before part of the freeway in question was shut down, causing significant traffic backups.


Because California’s traffic is usually so orderly and efficient.

Now, about this incident in and of itself. There are a ton of questions, most of which we don’t have answers to.

The woman in question was clearly having some kind of mental health crisis. I mean, I’m not yanking off all my clothes and taking shots at other cars just because I’m bored. There was something wrong.

And yet, she had a firearm.

We don’t know how she got it. She might have had it illegally or she might have followed every rule on the books when she obtained it. We simply don’t know.

What’s more, we don’t know if there was any reason she’d have been denied her Second Amendment rights due to mental health issues.

Regardless, California’s gun laws clearly didn’t prevent this. We’ve been told they would, that more gun laws like extensive background checks, etc, would prevent people like this from getting guns.

Well, clearly, they didn’t.

Thankfully, the failure there didn’t result in anyone getting hurt. Instead, we get the strange story of a woman flipping out on the freeway, acting dangerously, but ultimately hurting no one except people late for work. I mean, would your boss buy the “there was a naked woman on the freeway shooting at people” excuse right off the bat?


I sure wouldn’t.

“But if we didn’t have guns, this couldn’t happen!” someone will say.

However, this woman also pulled a knife and had been behind the wheel of a car before the shooting started. You can’t tell me she didn’t have other ways to hurt people and a gun was the only dangerous thing in her possession.

It’s well past time for states like California to recognize there’s a lot more going on than some people having guns and doing bad things with them.

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