Brooklyn Eagle takes look at NY carry law challenge

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I’m not overly familiar with the Brooklyn Eagle. I did a search on Wikipedia to get the highlights and it seems that this publication has been around for a little while, using the name of a defunct paper.


I was curious because, well, they decided to take a look at the cases challenging New York’s carry restrictions, which is normally grounds for cringing.

Except, they actually took a legitimate look at the situation.

In a pivotal moment for gun rights in New York, the state’s highest court is set to review five cases challenging the constitutionality of the state’s gun control laws. The decision, expected in mid-September, comes in the wake of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down a New York law restricting handgun possession in public.

These cases could have far-reaching consequences for gun control laws in New York and potentially across the country. If the Court of Appeals strikes down the laws, numerous gun possession convictions could be overturned. Alternatively, upholding the laws could set a precedent for stricter gun control measures and lead to a barrage of appeals to U.S. appellate courts.

So the paper took a look at the arguments of the four cases under review currently, all challenging New York’s carry restrictions.

It’s a no-nonsense approach, simply repeating what the plaintiffs are alleging and with no commentary.

Then it characterizes the state’s defense:

In response, Assistant Deputy New York Solicitor General Andrew Amend argues that the Supreme Court’s decision in Bruen “did not magically de-criminalize” unlicensed public firearm possession. Amid a national epidemic of mass shootings, he argued that Rivera’s lawyer’s reading of the Second Amendment “would turn New York into the Wild West.”


Of course, anti-gun voices always pull that “Wild West” claim. They forget that there was a lot of gun control in the Wild West. In fact, the most famous shootout of the Old West was the OK Corral. That was over gun control.

So yeah, I’m not buying that fewer carry restrictions would do any such thing. Especially since they don’t literally anywhere else where the Second Amendment is shown a lot more respect than in New York.

The Brooklyn Eagle does a good job of laying it out for the reader, allowing them to draw conclusions. They follow the above paragraph with a discussion of Bruen, New York’s response to Bruen, and some possible repercussions of these cases.

All in all, it’s a pretty neutral piece on the topic, the kind you just don’t see all that much of anymore, and to see it out of Brooklyn is kind of shocking.

What I’d like to see even more is the continued efforts by New York officials to ignore the Second Amendment as the spirit of the Bruen decision by doing all they can to restrict gun carry by law-abiding citizens in the state to come to an abrupt end.

Unfortunately, I’m more likely to see the Brooklyn Eagle become the paper of record for the Big Apple than to see anti-gun officials back off from their unconstitutional goals.

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