MI Capitol Commission votes to ban guns...for some

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During the lockdowns, the state of Michigan had some pretty extreme measures. As a result, some people protested at the Capitol. They also happened to have guns.


Now, these protestors did nothing illegal. So far as I’m aware, they issued no threats or anything of the sort.

Still, it made a lot of lawmakers nervous.

Then again, that might have been the point, but still, they got skittish and decided they needed to ban the carrying of firearms in the Capitol and handed it off to the Capitol Commission.

Now, the commission has voted to ban guns…but only for some people.

Members of the Michigan State Capitol Commission on Wednesday unanimously voted to adopt new security procedures that would ban guns at the Capitol, with an exception for state lawmakers with concealed weapons permits.

The commission proposed language for a weapons ban at its July 31 meeting, barring “firearms, explosives or other items that pose a threat to security that are not reasonably necessary,” from the Capitol building.

An amendment to the proposed security procedures, introduced by Commissioner Tim Bowlin, will allow current-serving members of the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives with concealed pistol licenses (CPLs) to carry their weapon inside the Capitol.

In addition to the approved exemption for state lawmakers with CPLs, the approved procedures also allow on-duty employees of private security companies contracted by the state to provide protection to state officials, and on duty employees of the Michigan Supreme Court or the Michigan Court of Appeals to carry a concealed pistol if they have a valid CPL and are authorized by their employer to carry a firearm.

The ban does not apply to members of Capitol security, law enforcement officers and other on-duty state security employees.


In other words, if you’re not part of that select group, you’re just slap outta luck.

While I oppose gun bans on public property as a general rule, I wouldn’t lose a lot of sleep over it if it weren’t for the fact that these bans don’t just begin at the door of the building.

People who are going to the Capitol for whatever reason are having to go disarmed from the parking lot to the building at a minimum. Others feel they can’t secure their guns in their vehicle so they leave it at home. Either way, people are effectively disarmed long before they get to the door.

But leave it to the lawmakers to make sure there was an exception for them.

See, they’re better than the rest of us. The rules meant to restrict you and me shouldn’t restrict them. They’re more trustworthy than we are.

Except, they’re not.

Studies have shown people with concealed carry permits are more law-abiding than the average citizen. Sure, that likely includes elected officials with permits, but there’s nothing about being elected to office that makes you more worthy of being trusted.


Especially when you consider how often politicians lie about, well, everything.

Regardless, though, if you’re in Michigan, you need to start leaving your guns at home if you visit the Capitol.

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