Law enforcement officials displeased with new CA gun control

Law enforcement officials displeased with new CA gun control
AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

When pushing gun control, anti-Second Amendment types will always be sure to find the odd law enforcement official who agrees with them to paint a picture that cops like gun control.


I know from my own life experiences that such isn’t always the case. Most street cops I’ve met in my life recognize that while keeping guns out of bad people’s hands sounds great, it’s impossible to do since, you know, they break the law.

Yet those aren’t the voices we typically hear.

Well, it seems some highly-placed law enforcement officials in California aren’t impressed with the state’s latest anti-gun effort.

Fresno County, California officials are criticizing Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., after he signed multiple gun control bills into law in recent days.

Fresno County Sheriff John Zanoni and District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp spoke out against Newsom after he signed Senate Bill 2 into law this week, a law which makes it harder for California residents to obtain their concealed carry permits.

Both officials argued that the law doesn’t penalize those who commit the majority of gun crimes – those who have illegally obtained firearms.

Both Smittcamp and Zanoni told a local outlet they will enforce the law but criticized its utility for preventing gun crime.

According to the local California news site, Smittcamp declared, “This law is not going to make people safer. It just isn’t.”

She argued that law targets the wrong people: “Less than two percent of the crimes that are committed with guns in the United States are committed by lawful gun owners.”

Zanoni agreed with the DA, noting that the people who commit most of the gun crimes won’t be abiding by these restrictions imposed by the governor.

He said, “Criminals will carry their guns wherever, we arrest people on a daily basis who are convicted felons who are gang members, who aren’t supposed to carry guns, but they have them. These are the individuals that need to be targeted by gun laws and more restrictive laws and stronger sentencing guidelines, not CCW holders.”


They’re right, too.

I get that we’ve got a pro-gun bias. You’re not going to see us sing the praises of any bit of gun control. Anti-gunners are the exact opposite. This is what we all do.

Law enforcement is far more likely to look at what laws might actually help them do their jobs. They also see why gun control doesn’t actually do what proponents say, so when they tell the public, the public should listen.

The bad guys won’t be paying a tax on guns. They might pay it on ammunition, but only if they don’t steal that as well.

So good guys are going to be on the hook, paying for the sins of others, which is really all gun control has ever done.

Folks in California won’t listen to us here. Maybe they’ll listen to the law enforcement out of Fresno, instead, and realize we’re not just making stuff up. Bad guys don’t obey gun laws and they never have.

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