Less than a month later, Bearing Arms story feels far darker

AP Photo/Bilal Hussein

I write a lot of stuff here at Bearing Arms. More than one-third of all the content on this site has my name on it, and I haven’t exactly been here from the beginning.


As a result, I often write a story, and then forget it after a week or two. It’s impossible to remember everything I wrote unless something sparks my memory and not necessarily even then. It’s a lot to remember.

Yet it’s all there in the archive, waiting to remind me.

Most of the time, that’s not newsworthy. I’ll take a look at a story I forgot about and read it, then go back to the rest of my day. Yet looking for one on the site yesterday, I came across something that, at the time, wasn’t that big of a deal. It didn’t deal with American gun control or anything that would impact us. It was a group of people voicing their support for gun control.

I’ve literally written thousands of those stories.

What makes this one weird in the here and now is just who it was arguing against guns.

If you’re a gun owner and haven’t actively done everything you could to keep that on the down low, there’s a good chance someone has referred to you as some kind of domestic terrorist. After all, some people think the very act of owning a gun is a terroristic act.

These people are demented, of course, but they exist. Let’s also not forget that the NRA was called a domestic terrorist organization despite no evidence of an act of terrorism carried out by an NRA member.

Yet Hamas is a terrorist organization, according to the US State Department. They’ve been linked to all kinds of terrorist acts over the years.

And guess where they stand on people carrying guns?


The issue was a suggestion that Jewish settlers should carry guns. Hamas called it “incitement to murder” and denounced it, apparently arguing that settlers doing so would create a danger.

Well, now we know what that danger was.

I wrote that here on Bearing Arms on September 18th, about a day or so after the initial response by Hamas.

Now, understand that what we saw wasn’t the result of a two-day planning session. It wasn’t the result of something that just cobbled together over a lunch meeting. Hamas’ attack on Israel was a well-coordinated assault that probably took months to plan.

Including the month in which Hamas told Jewish settlers that they didn’t really need guns and that saying so was “fascist.”

Here at Bearing Arms, we are one of many sites dedicated to preserving our Second Amendment rights. Israel had no such protections, either from their constitution or sites like ours or our friends across the internet. They were relatively disarmed, even with calls to carry guns.

And Hamas capitalized on it.

It’s kind of hard not to now wonder how many of the groups that are calling for gun control here in the US have similar designs. Hamas knew what it was planning even as it denounced calls for settlers to carry guns because they preferred to have less resistance when they invaded. How many American groups of people also would like to carry out vile attacks on their opposition and want gun control so as to help facilitate that?


Well, they’re not going to find easy prey here and there are a whole lot of us who stand ready to make sure they don’t.

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