Gun Violence Prevention Office Won't Reduce Gun Violence

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Recently, President Joe Biden did what gun control advocates have long wanted someone in the Oval Office to do. He created the Office of Gun Violence Prevention and placed noted activists in key positions.


And by “activists” I don’t mean NRA or GOA members.

The office exists to, among other things, coordinate gun control efforts across the various states, using taxpayer dollars in an effort to infringe on the rights of those very taxpayers.

So, as you can imagine, some people are less than thrilled and are working to try and shut down the office.

That brings us to The Mary Sue.

The Mary Sue started out as a site meant to focus on the women of geek culture. That didn’t last all that long as they soon moved into talking about politics. In fact, they have feelings about the effort to close the office.

Republicans are once again doing everything they can to ensure no substantial steps are taken to curb gun violence in the U.S.

Not true, but if you’re of the opinion that the only way to stop gun violence is to convert it into knife violence, I suppose you’re going to see it that way.

That’s because the best-case scenario for gun control is, in fact, to make it so criminals stab people to death instead of shooting them. It’s not all that enticing to me.

Moving on…

Just last month, President Joe Biden announced the formation of the Office of Gun Violence Prevention, which would be a “central hub essentially for enforcement, coordination, public outreach,” as described by PBS NewsHour’s White House Correspondent, Laura Barrón-López. The office would coordinate with states to enhance background checks and allocate funds to tackle gun violence prevention, mental health, and school safety.

Instead of supporting the reduction of gun violence, Republicans like Montana’s Matt Rosendale (pictured above) are pushing back hard. Rosendale and nine other U.S. House Republican co-sponsors have introduced a bill aiming to abolish the office and block the creation of any successor office. Rosendale said in a statement that he “will not stand by and allow Joe Biden to use taxpayer funds to create an unconstitutional office.”


What’s left out of this is that this isn’t about “gun violence” but about gun control. For the Biden administration and the people he put in charge of the Gun Violence Prevention Office, it’s about nothing but gun control.

So yeah, pro-Second Amendment Republicans are going to have a problem with it. Especially since there’s no real evidence gun control works and what evidence that does seemingly exist is all via problematic studies.

Look, violent crime is an issue. I’m not going to differentiate between that which is carried out with a gun and that which is carried out with any other weapon when we’re discussing the problem right now, but I agree it’s a problem.

But gun control isn’t going to magically make it go away. Especially since we also know that our non-gun crime rates are also higher than most other nations.

So yeah, a lot of us are going to seek to abolish this office that exists just to curtail our rights, but if The Mary Sue thinks that means we don’t want to address the underlying issues, they’re wrong.

Then again, The Mary Sue should just stick to geek culture. They’re not any better at that, but at least they sort of understand the topic better.


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