Thai Wedding Ends in Mass Shooting

Image by stevepb from Pixabay

Mass shootings in other countries don’t make headlines here quite like the mass shootings we have here make headlines elsewhere. In a lot of ways, the world sort of revolves around the United States and our issues.


But that doesn’t mean these awful things don’t happen in other countries. They most definitely do, even if more rarely than we see here.

Thailand seems bound and determined to become the exception. We’ve started seeing a number of them out of that country lately, all despite the copious gun control laws on the books.

And now they have another one, and this one is just weird.

A Thai groom and former Paralympic athlete went on a drunken shooting rampage at his own wedding, killing his bride and three guests before turning the gun on himself, authorities said.

[The killer], 29, an ex-soldier, married 44-year-old Kanchana Pachunthuek in the Wang Nam Khieo district in northeast Thailand Saturday.

At the height of the festivities that night, [the killer] abruptly left the reception and went out to his car.  He returned a short time later brandishing a 9mm pistol and opened fire, shooting and killing his new wife, her 62-year-old mother, Kingthong Klajo, and 38-year-old sister, Kornnipa Manato, reported the Bangkok Post.

Two wedding guests were also hit by stray bullets, killing a 50-year-old man and leaving a 28-year-old man wounded.

[The killer] then shot himself and died on the spot.


He was apparently very drunk when all of this happened, though whether the drinking caused the shooting or was undertaken to try and insure he’d carry out a premeditated plan is unknown at this time.

Look, a wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion. My wedding day was only supplanted as the happiest day in my life by the birth of my kids. It’s still up there, though, and that’s despite all the ups and downs my wife and I have endured in our marriage–and there have always seemed to be plenty of downs.

The idea of carrying out a mass shooting–and four people dead beside the killer is a mass shooting by almost any reasonable definition you care to name–at my wedding would be insane.

And yet, this happened.

Mass shootings aren’t “uniquely American” as many people want to believe. They happen all over the world, including in countries that enacted strict gun control laws in response to a previous mass shooting.

Even if you take away the guns, mass killings will still happen. Unless you address the underlying issues, the rage and the lack of respect for human life, you’re going to keep getting them.


Thailand, in response to the most recent previous mass shooting, put at halt on gun licenses in the country. This was considered reasonable despite no evidence it would have stopped that shooting. Well, whether it would have or not is mostly a topic for debate, but we sure know it didn’t stop this one.

Funny how that seems to be one of the unifying things about these killings in other countries–their strict gun control laws didn’t stop them despite going well beyond what our gun control advocates want. Their gun control laws didn’t stop them, but ours will just work better.


If you believe that, hit me up. I have a bridge to sell you.

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