This is How Bad Guys Get Guns

Image by MikeGunner from Pixabay

The news is always filled with people pushing for gun control. They want to regulate guns because, they claim, if we do that then bad guys won’t be able to get them.


Now, they all tell us that they don’t want to interfere with our right to keep and bear arms and that they don’t want to take our guns or take away our right to have them.

Which means, if they’re honest, then they won’t stop us from having all the guns we want, even if it takes us longer to get them or something.

Yet, how do bad guys get guns?

Well, there’s stuff like this.

Orange County’s Sheriff and the District Attorney made nine arrests in a crime ring they said has been breaking into homes, stealing more than half a million dollars in cash and other luxury items throughout the county for more than a year.

“This is a dangerous, prolific crew and the announcement today is to do everything in our power as government officials and leaders to put them out of business,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said in a press conference Thursday.

The OC Sheriff’s Department, with the help of 19 police departments, linked 34 burglaries to one group of at least 20 people — all from Los Angeles. Nineteen of the home burglaries occurred in Fullerton and three of them took place when people were home.

The DA is charging 15 adults and five teens in total with crimes including breaking into homes and stealing more than half a million dollars in cash, guns, jewelry, and more. In one case, Sheriff Don Barnes said the thieves stole a Range Rover.

Now, remember that this is California. They’ve got things like universal background checks, supposedly meant to stop bad guys from getting guns.


What do you want to bet this crew didn’t fill out Form 4473s on these guns, then undergo a background check before stealing these?

The problem is that even if this crew had no interest in the guns for their own use, they absolutely knew people who would buy them. Whether it was a black market dealer or just other criminals who wanted them for personal use, they were going to end up in the hands of someone who shouldn’t have them.

So how is gun control supposed to stop these guys without inhibiting our right to keep and bear arms?

Even if I believed they meant it, which I don’t, it’s just not remotely possible. The bad guys are criminals for a reason. By definition, they break laws.

Passing more laws for them to break won’t actually stop them. At some point, this would have to restrict our right to keep and bear arms to the point that no, we couldn’t have what guns we wanted or as many as we wanted.

Even then, the bad guys will find a way.

Unfortunately, the people who most need to understand this either do and don’t care or they just won’t listen. Nothing about that should be surprising, though.

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