Anti-Gun Mom Loses It Over Miniature Guns

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You might have seen the ads on social media for tiny replica firearms. They function much like a real gun except for the whole thing of not shooting, but they’re kind of neat. I’ve never bothered with them because the last thing I need is more stuff I can’t actually do anything with, but I suppose some people really like them.


And, it seems that Scheels actually sells them in the store.

I don’t know this because I walked into Scheels and saw them there.

Oh no. I only know about them because our sister site Twitchy found an anti-gun mom who was absolutely losing her mind over these things.

Now, note that the box not only says it’s a non-firing model, but they’re 1:3 scale. That means they’re one-third the size of a real firearm.

They don’t need to be specially colored because there’s literally no way on the planet one of these can be mistaken for a real gun.

The laws requiring orange tips on toy guns were put in place because toys got realistic. Cops were seeing the toys and thinking these kids were pointing real firearms at them. So, the laws were changed to require the orange tips to differentiate between toy and real firearms.


But these are different. These are, first of all, models. They’re not actually toys and aren’t sold as toys. They’re sold as models of the actual guns.

And they’re one-third the size of a real firearm.

Just to give you some perspective, here’s a post that has a photo from the Scheels site showing just how big these guns are.

That’s right. THAT is what this woman is losing her mind over.

It’s a “rifle” that literally fits in the palm of your hand.

Yet in the process, Nebraska Mom here has illustrated one very important point about anti-gun folks. For all their talk about respecting the Second Amendment and not wanting to take your guns away, they are very much terrified that someone somewhere might actually like and want firearms.

In this case, she’s trying to pressure Scheels to stop selling a freaking model because it’s a model of a gun way too close to something else she thinks is only for children–sleds.

What she’s admitting here is that people like her don’t want anyone seeing guns or gun-like objects at all. They don’t like that someone out there might look at guns with something other than fear or scorn. That’s what this is truly about.


People aren’t scared enough of guns, even toy guns or models of firearms, and that needs to change.

She was in the store, apparently. She took the pictures, so she knows that these aren’t remotely realistic enough to be mistaken for real firearms. So that must mean all her kvetching about them isn’t out of some concern that a child will be mistaken has having a real firearm.

And that means it’s really just because they look like guns.

Well, she needs to get over it and I sincerely hope Scheels doesn’t budge on this. Luckily, I don’t think there’s much of a chance on that one.

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