Just How Is Gun Control Going to Stop This?

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“Gun control works!”

That’s what your average anti-gunner will claim until they’re quite literally blue in the face. They will not brook any disagreement. In fact, most won’t even present facts. They’ll just keep repeating this like it’s a holy mantra.


Because, well, it is.

Now, I’ve taken issue with a lot of the “facts” some of these folks do occasionally try to use, so it’s probably for the best most avoid that sort of thing. I’ve also pointed out how fentanyl control isn’t working so great either, so why would gun control work better.

Yet what no one has ever tried to address is even if everything else worked perfectly–it never will, but let’s just say it did for the sake of argument–how would gun control prevent something like this from happening.

Federal agents are looking for burglars who broke into a Hendersonville, North Carolina, mall and stole guns from a sporting goods store, officials said.

Ray said two suspects broke into the Blue Ridge Mall, located at 1800 Four Seasons Boulevard.

He said once inside the mall, they were able to enter Dunham’s Sports and stole multiple firearms from the business. The exact number was not released.

This happened in the early morning hours of January 2nd and the ATF is offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest on the case.


It seems that despite all the laws on the books–and while North Carolina isn’t exactly California when it comes to gun laws, it’s not exactly Texas or Missouri, either–nothing at all stopped these two from breaking into a gun store and stealing who knows how many guns.

I assure you, they didn’t have a background check conducted before walking out with those guns and they damn sure didn’t fill out a Form 4473, either.

Meanwhile, they’re likely looking for some fellow criminals to buy the stolen guns, which will then be used in God only knows how many crimes before they’re recovered by police, if ever.

The only way to prevent that at this point is for law enforcement to catch these two before they can sell any.

So just how is gun control going to stop that? How do gun control advocates figure that a universal background check law or a red flag law is going to stop burglars from stealing guns from gun stores?

After all, it’s not like the laws against burglary have stopped them.

In fact, that’s kind of like how they push gun control to solve murder, apparently believing killers will follow gun laws when laws against murder are insufficient.


It’s a delusion most seem to lean into, but the truth is that gun control laws don’t stop criminals and won’t benefit the law-abiding in the least.

Now, with all that said, I do hope that these two are arrested and arrested quickly. I don’t like stolen guns being out on the streets and not just because those are guns I can’t buy. I want gun thieves arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I only wish prosecutions acted as a deterrent so few people would try to steal guns. Since it doesn’t, there’s no reason to figure gun control will, either.

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