Man Uses Stolen Gun to Kill Armed Intruder

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Stolen guns are the primary way bad guys get firearms in the first place. It’s not exclusively how they get them, but it’s far and away the method used by most criminals to get weapons they can then use for illegal activities.


And, generally, the person who shoots a home invader is the good guy. Good guys buy their guns lawfully.

So it’s strange to encounter a situation where the good guy apparently wasn’t all that good, because he apparently shot a home invader with a stolen gun.

A gun that was used to fatally wound a man Friday night in Arnold had been stolen from Tarentum, according to court paperwork.

Malique Jamal Black, 25, told a Westmoreland County detective that he bought on the gun on the street. Police say it was the gun used to shoot Allen L. Austin Jr., 29, after Austin broke into his home in the 1600 block of Fourth Avenue, police said in a criminal complaint.

Police found the .45-caliber Glock handgun along with an unspecified number of empty shell casings, according to the complaint. Black is not allowed to possess a gun because he is a convicted felon, police said.

Police said they traced the gun using its serial number.

Investigators also found a large amount of marijuana and marijuana joints in clear gallon-sized plastic bags and a digital scale used for weighing drugs in Black’s home, the complaint said.

Black is currently being held on drug charges as well as prohibited possession of a firearm and receiving stolen property charges.

Yeah…I got nothing.

I mean, he wasn’t charged with killing Austin because Austin was the home invader. That was a righteous shoot, even if literally everything else about Black was sketchy as hell.


I mean, he was a felon in possession of a stolen gun–in a state that requires universal background checks for handgun purchases, it should be noted–while apparently also dealing drugs.


Literally everything gun control advocates claim gun laws prevent happened in this instance. The only law Black didn’t break were murder laws, but only because Austin broke into his home while he was there. Residential break-ins often result in fatalities for any residents that are either there when it happens or who interrupt the break-in.

But that’s about the only thing Black did right here.

And I’m not entirely sure that we could trust that Black wouldn’t have screwed that up if given the opportunity.

While it was a justifiable shoot under the circumstances, a clear act of self-defense, every other aspect of this case is another poignant example of how gun control laws don’t actually keep guns out of anyone’s hands if they really want one bad enough.

In this case, it was a stolen gun, as most of them are. In other cases, they might use another method.

The results, though, are the same. If a bad guy wants a gun, they’ll get one.

Stolen guns are just the most common.

Unfortunately, no one will learn any lessons from this. They’ll just keep trying to restrict your rights because someone like Black broke the law regarding firearms.

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