NPR Skips News About Trump Prosecutor to Push Gun Control

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File

While I get annoyed by media bias in general, especially on the issue of gun control, at least these are private companies who will either live or die as a result of their choices. In other words, if enough people take issue with their bias and tune them out, unless they can make up the shortfall some other way, they’ll shut down.


But NPR is different.

See, while they solicit donations every year, they also get taxpayer money. So when they’re biased, we’re helping to pay for that bias.

And when they’re using our tax dollars to fund their gun control push, I get really annoyed. Especially when they’re ignoring stories inconvenient to Democrats.

NPR hasn’t reported on the scandal of Fulton County, Georgia DA Fani Willis potentially ruining her election-interference case against Donald Trump by having an affair with her married special prosecutor, who took her on vacations with the money she was paying him. No, they were too busy sounding like State-Run Radio on Thursday night by offering a four-minute press release for Vice President Kamala Harris, who’s now “taking a more front-and-center role on addressing gun violence” on the campaign trail.

The closest thing to negativity was anchor Juana Summers noting Harris is trying to “court younger voters, who, right now, aren’t showing a lot of enthusiasm about voting for President Biden.”

Reporter Deepa Shivaram considered no one but Harris and other Democrats on the ridiculously titled All Things Considered. Kamala spoke to mayors in downtown Washington:

KAMALA HARRIS: I know what guns do and gun violence does to the human body. For so many of you, you, too, know what gun violence does to people, to a community, to families, to the psyche of a community.

DEEPA SHIVARAM: Last fall, when President Biden created the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, he tapped Harris to take charge. It’s an issue that has taken her around the country to meet with advocates and survivors, too, like at this event last week at a middle school in North Carolina.

HARRIS: When I was speaking with these young leaders, before I walked in here, they were talking about, hey, shouldn’t we be looking at people’s backgrounds before they can buy a gun? Yes, young leaders, I said to them. You are absolutely right.


Meanwhile, there is that whole Fani Willis issue that NPR has opted to ignore. Then again, this isn’t the first time NPR has decided something wasn’t worth covering that conveniently benefitted Democrats.

Remember this gem?

Now, let’s understand something. Vice President Kamala Harris talking about gun control is nothing new. As a result, it’s arguably not even really news unless she says something new or different.

Sure, mentioning she spoke about it to mayors or young leaders might be worth a few seconds of air time, but at the expense of a story about the potential misconduct by a DA prosecuting a former president?

We see what NPR thinks is more newsworthy, but with their history, no one should be shocked.

Harris has long pushed gun control and NPR has been right there beside her. They’re pushing an agenda that will take us down a dark road, one that ends in tyranny, and they have the audacity to think they’re the good guys.

That’s fine, in and of itself, but I resent the hell out of any tax dollars going there so they can push us down that particular road.


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