So Much for California's Gun Control Efforts

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom is a big fan of gun control. In fact, he likes it so much he wants to export it to the rest of the nation in the form of a constitutional amendment.


To be fair, Newsom isn’t alone. A lot of people on the anti-gun side of the debate want gun control similar to what Newsom has in effect already.

In fact, we’re told we’re insane for not wanting it.

Yet the problem is that gun control doesn’t really work. California is far from what most of us would call a safe state, and while it’s not the least safe either, that has to do with factors beyond gun control.

And for those who will try and argue that gun control actually does work, then please explain this to me.

More than 100 guns were seized and nearly 30 people arrested this month as part of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s Operation Consequences.

At those locations, suspected gang members and people prohibited from possessing guns were found to have 102 guns, including 18 unserialized weapons known as “ghost guns,” resulting in 29 felony arrests, authorities said in a news release.

An image shared by the SBSD shows assault-style rifles, a shotgun and a variety of pistols.

Also found were 50 pounds of methamphetamine and five pounds of cocaine.


Because drug control works brilliantly, too.

A photo of the guns found included a number of AR- and AK-style rifles. Whether those were part of the “ghost guns” mentioned above are unknown, though it’s entirely possible at least some of them were.

These are 102 guns, most of whom weren’t able to purchase guns lawfully, and a number of firearms that are heavily restricted in California. Absolutely none of this was supposed to happen under the state’s extensive gun control regulations.

And yet, here we are.

The problem that people fail to understand about California’s extensive gun control laws is the fact that the people they disarm don’t represent the issue. The law-abiding folks who will adhere to an “assault weapon” or “ghost gun” ban aren’t the people who are also going to have 55 pounds of illegal drugs just sitting around the house.

That’s not how it works anywhere, but definitely not in California.

These are people who are prohibited from having any firearms. That includes people who can’t have guns in any state in the nation, and despite things like universal background checks and gun registration, absolutely nothing stopped these individuals from obtaining firearms they couldn’t lawfully have.


It’s almost like criminals break the law.

I know, I know, this is a terrible thing to say about such poor, downtrodden people, but it is what it is. I can’t escape the reality that these people might just be “downtrodden” because they keep breaking the law? Just putting that out there.

And among the laws they’ll break every time are gun control laws.

Meanwhile, the people who have to defend themselves are finding they have less to work with because of the actions of people like this.

It’s why so many people are leaving California.

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