Woman Uses Gun to Defend Herself, 3 Kids From Armed Intruder

AP Photo/Brittainy Newman, File

A lot of people figure that since most of us will never actually have to use a gun in self-defense, there’s absolutely no point in any of us having a gun for self-defense.


From a probability standpoint, most of us won’t need our guns. We’ll go through our lives never having to draw a firearm and point it at another living soul.

That’s good, too, because if you have to pull that trigger, it can create a scar on your soul, even if you’re 100 percent justified in doing so.

But we can’t just assume that because the odds of needing a gun are low, then that means no one needs one. That’s a lesson a family in Mississippi can attest to.

Deputies say a Mississippi mother protected her three children by shooting a man who allegedly broke into the family’s home wielding a knife.

When deputies arrived at the family’s home, the suspect, identified as 44-year-old Steve Lamar Goss Jr., had already driven away, according to a press release.

Deputies say before Goss left, he drove his truck into the home’s dining room after he could not kick the front door down.

While this was happening, the mother and her three children hid in a closet designated as the family’s safe room, the press release says. The mother prayed, and the children recited scripture.

When Goss found the family, he entered the closet, still holding a knife, according to the press release. The mother then shot him in the arm, and Goss fled.


The woman’s husband called police and gave a description of the attacker and his vehicle to police, who responded. The report doesn’t say how he knew what was going on, only that he was at work and called the police, so it’s likely he hand some kind of doorbell camera.

While Goss reportedly fled the scene, they arrested him a short time later. He’s been charged with one count of burglary and four counts of attempted murder.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why a burglary in someone’s home is treated like a threat to that someone. It’s because people who break into folks’ homes, particularly when someone is there, rarely are trying to set up a Tupperware party.

They show up with a willingness, if not a desire to injure or kill whoever is in that house.

This guy rammed his truck through the house when he couldn’t kick in the door. He entered the house with a knife and explicitly opened that closet door, probably knowing who was inside. Believing he had ill intent isn’t exactly a logical leap.

So, the mother used her gun and protected her children.


I don’t know many mothers who wouldn’t do the same, provided they had a gun.

Let’s also remember that this was a woman trying to protect three children. Without a gun, it’s not likely she’d have been able to prevail in such an encounter. The firearm equalized things just fine for her against a man with a knife.

Screw fighting fair. You fight to survive and she did.

Without a gun, this is a report about a terrible mass murder or something equally horrific.

Guns save lives. I don’t care what others try to tell you, they save lives and they do it far more often than they’re used to take lives.

It’s just that simple.

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